Ann M. Livermore

Member of: Finance and Investment

Ms. Livermore served as Executive Vice President of the former HP Enterprise Business from 2004 until June 2011, and has served as an Executive Advisor to HP Co.’s Chief Executive Officer since then. Prior to that, Ms. Livermore served in various other positions with HP Co. in marketing, sales, research and development, and business management since joining the company in 1982. Ms. Livermore is also a director of United Parcel Service, Inc. Ms. Livermore brings to our board of directors extensive experience in senior leadership positions at HP Co. In addition, through her nearly thirty years at HP Co., Ms. Livermore has vast knowledge and experience in the areas of technology, marketing, sales, research and development and business management, as well as extensive knowledge of enterprise customers and their IT needs. Ms. Livermore also brings public company governance experience from her service on another public company board.