Experience is everything: How alliances and full lifecycle AI services speed time to value

June 18, 2024 | Marc Waters, Senior Vice President Global Sales at HPE
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HPE announces new services partnerships with NVIDIA, Deloitte, HCLTech, Infosys, and Wipro

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  • HPE Services brings the experts to help organizations capitalize on the benefits of AI
  • New services partnerships span a broad ecosystem of AI leaders including NVIDIA and global system integrators

Generative AI will impact every organization on the planet. It is now both a business imperative in order to survive and a competitive advantage needed to thrive.  And there is no shortage of creativity in identifying use cases with many live experiments running and a long list of candidate cases to qualify.  But getting it right is challenging.  AI is a different type of workload, expertise is in short supply (and high demand), the ISV landscape is complex and benefit realization can be as much an art as a science.  Succeeding in the AI era therefore requires alliances, innovation, efficiency and of course speed — as a great leader often told me, “the future belongs to the fast”.

Succeeding in the AI era therefore requires alliances, innovation, efficiency and of course speed……as a great leader often told me, “the future belongs to the fast”.

From my many conversations with customers, technologists and HPE’s alliance partners on AI, a number of key drivers have become clear. Organizations have learned lessons from the cloud era, specifically on over-dependance. Personalization is absolutely critical, so open-source models are increasingly important. Data control and sovereignty are non-negotiable, especially in regulated and data-rich industries.  Proximity to data, especially at the edge, is essential. The culmination of these requirements has seen a surge in demand for AI private cloud capacity — especially for inference, tuning and RAG requirements within enterprise organizations.

What a time to be the global leader in private cloud platforms!

The newly announced NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE is a portfolio of co-developed AI solutions and joint go-to-market integrations that enable enterprises to accelerate the adoption of generative AI.

Among the portfolio’s key offerings is HPE Private Cloud AI, a first-of-its-kind solution that provides the deepest integration to date of NVIDIA AI software, computing, and networking with HPE’s AI software, storage, compute and services.

The new HPE Private Cloud AI solution enables fast deployment of an enterprise-grade AI platform fully integrated with a cloud experience that keeps data private and integrates with popular AI tools that speed developer productivity, allowing for quick wins with immediate business impact. Even more can be achieved as enterprises select the right use cases, pipeline the right data sources, bring in the right ISVs to deliver the solution, and ultimately make the AI ‘sing and dance’. This is where the right people and expertise will make the difference; both in terms of faster time to value and industry-specific AI-powered business outcomes.

Alliances and AI services

The full lifecycle of AI services spans from day minus one consulting through to day two run and optimize, covering strategy, skills, data, architecture, and solutions.  HPE has a comprehensive set of capabilities across the AI lifecycle and strategic collaborations with key alliance partners. Collectively, HPE and our partners offer customers access to the best AI talent in the market with vertical expertise, data expertise, and platform integrations that enable a high-quality experience and ultimately reach faster time to value.

Our partnerships span a broad ecosystem of AI leaders starting with NVIDIA for technology co-development and technical skills training. HPE is also closely aligned with key global systems integrators (SIs) and professional services organizations including Deloitte with deep industry expertise, proven vertical use cases built on HPE technology and NVIDIA software to help drive impactful transformations for enterprises. HCLTech and Wipro are also integrating HPE Private Cloud AI into their unique AI capabilities, enabling tailored solutions that meet our joint customers’ AI needs.  Plus, our AI partner of the year, Infosys, is offering a full stack AI solution across a hybrid multi-cloud environment.  In addition, both across our alliances and directly, we work with a number of industry and solution-specific ISVs to integrate their innovation and unlock value.

at the end of the day…..experience is everything.

All together HPE offers a unique AI private cloud solution and the most complete alliance partnerships in the industry. Operating across the AI service lifecycle: from use case development and prioritization to data readiness, developer productivity, fully managed platforms, and benefit realization. Which together enables a truly differentiated experience. And at the end of the day, experience is everything.

A more detailed summary on our SI alliances:


Deloitte is announcing a strategic collaboration that brings together Deloitte’s deep industry knowledge, AI and technology capabilities with the new NVIDIA AI Computing by Hewlett Packard Enterprise solution portfolio to deliver co-developed generative AI solutions that help clients accelerate time to value and solve sector-specific challenges. Deloitte’s first industry-specific use case is a digital twin application that aims to help manufacturing organizations at all stages of digital maturity extract and manage the data needed to deploy manufacturing simulations. Companies can see the benefits of this application brought to life at The Smart Factory by Deloitte @ Wichita, Deloitte’s first-of-its-kind client experience center which serves as a proving ground for organizations to experience the impact of Industry 4.0. Additional vertical AI use cases are in the works that will leverage the full stack AI capabilities of HPE Private Cloud AI. This collaboration is part of Deloitte’s IndustryAdvantage commitment to co-investing and innovating with alliances to target industry- and sector-specific problems and help drive impactful transformation for its clients.


HCLTech announced its support of the NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE initiative and HPE Private Cloud AI by adding the offering as part of its Hybrid and Private AI suite of Cognitive Infrastructure Services. The joint solution provides a robust Digital Foundation for running vertical, horizontal and business use cases, helping clients transform enterprises for the next era of hybrid/private AI and beyond. Additionally, HCLTech's suite of AI offerings like Enterprise AI FoundryAI Force, DRYiCE AEX and ePACE combined with HPE's innovative technology result in outcomes like increased developer productivity, reduced time to market, new and innovative customer experiences and optimizations at scale. With full-stack application development and engineering expertise and decades of experience in AI, HCLTech is helping enterprises unlock the best value from GenAI, from chip development to cloud and business process optimization.


Infosys will combine the new HPE Private Cloud AI solution with NVIDIA accelerated computing and Infosys Topaz - an AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms that use generative AI technologies. This will enable enterprises to deploy AI solutions faster in a hybrid multi cloud environment to realize the benefits of curated AI and GenAI industry solutions. As part of this collaboration, Infosys was delighted to receive the HPE Global AI Partner of the Year award for 2024, and this stands testimony to the long standing and successful relationship with HPE.


Wipro demonstrates their support of the NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE initiative and HPE Private Cloud AI by showcasing the latest HPE and NVIDIA technology as part of the Wipro FullStride Cloud Studio a practice-specific facility dedicated to showcasing the capabilities of an AI/ML development environment. This strategic collaboration will aim to enhance Wipro’s customer-centric AI solutions and market position in delivering best-of-breed AI technology from HPE and NVIDIA.

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