HPE teams up to power cybersecurity for modern-day slavery survivors

May 14, 2024
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HPE, in partnership with The Anti-Slavery Collective and Sophie Hayes Foundation, has created a booklet to help survivors of modern-slavery stay safe online

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  • Internet safety is key in lessening the chances of modern-slavery survivors experiencing re-exploitation
  • The newly released guidebook, Digital Empowerment: A Guide to Online Safety, advises on how to create a safe and secure online presence while survivors re-establish their lives.

For many, the idea of slavery harkens back to a bygone era from which the world has long moved on. But even today, there are still millions of people trapped in this vile practice.

Modern slavery is an umbrella term that includes circumstances of involuntary servitude such as forced labor, forced marriage, and human trafficking. As AI and other technologies advance, so do the methods used to trap people into slavery. 

Internet safety is critical to survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking who are establishing new beginnings, as the internet is the center of many social and professional interactions. As survivors embark on their unique journeys, they must be able to use the internet safely and securely to avoid chances of re-exploitation.

To help survivors and the organizations that work with them HPE, in collaboration with The Anti-Slavery Collective and Sophie Hayes Foundation, has developed a series of cybersecurity awareness training resources to guide them on how to safely navigate the digital world.

The latest in this series of resources is a newly released guidebook – Digital Empowerment: A Guide to Online Safety. It delves into the unique risks survivors of modern slavery face while offering practical tips on how to create a safe online presence.

Our hope is that these resources will help frontline organizations and workers equip survivors with the knowledge and skills they need as they embark on their journeys to digital independence.

“We’re now living in a digital age which makes digital safety and cybersecurity awareness even more critical. I’m grateful for this partnership between HPE, The Anti-Slavery Collective, and the Sophie Hayes Foundation. Our hope is that these resources will make a positive contribution to the journeys of survivors of modern slavery to reintegrate into society.” 

John Schultz
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating & Legal Officer
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