Filling the cybersecurity talent gap


HPE Cybersecurity Career Reboot Program extends opportunities and helps close security talent gap 

The continued expansion of the digital economy, and our reliance on it, has made cybersecurity professionals absolutely critical. Unfortunately, the World Economic Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 report estimated that there’s “… a shortfall between supply and demand for cybersecurity experts was estimated at 2.27 million in 2021.” Organizations are left with the question: how do they source essential talent from a pool that doesn’t exist?

In 2022, HPE aimed to address this issue by introducing the HPE Cybersecurity Career Reboot program, which recognizes that talent can come from a non-traditional path, and that formal degrees or prior cybersecurity experience aren’t always necessary. To date, the program has seen fifteen individuals pass through its ranks. Among them are a diverse group, including a school bus driver, restaurant owner, respiratory therapist, nurse, former military serviceperson, and a stay-at-home mom, to name a few. Surprisingly, they’ve uncovered numerous parallels between the skills honed in their previous careers and the skills essential for success in the realm of cybersecurity.

This program has turned out to be a lifechanging opportunity for someone like Leah Dalton. Watch the video below to see how Leah embraced the opportunity to enter an in-demand field, and change her and her family’s life at the same time. 

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