Help HPE be present at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference 2024



  • HPE wants to share our perspectives at SXSW, a premier gathering of thought leaders for the digital economy
  • We are proposing four sessions that showcase how technology can advance the way people live and work
  • Help us get our panel ideas onto the SXSW stage by casting your vote*

SXSW is an annual conference and festival that celebrates innovation and progress in tech, music, film, and education – and HPE wants to be there!

SXSW gives HPE a unique opportunity to share our insights and expertise on a variety of topics with relevant stakeholders.

Each year, SXSW sends out a call for panel presentation proposals. This year HPE submitted four sessions that showcase how technology can advance the way people live and work.

How can you help?

SXSW values community input and involvement when building their conference agenda, and we need your help voting to get our panel ideas selected.

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Esports gets an AI-fueled assist

When one of the oldest esports organizations used AI rocket fuel to enhance its analytics, it realized it had the power to shape the future of esports. In this session, Evil Geniuses and HPE will discuss how they are using data-driven insights and cutting-edge AI to change the industry. Join them as they showcase how their partnership with HPE has advanced Evil Geniuses’ competitive standing and improved gameplay with new technology capabilities like the team’s first audio analysis platform tool and draft simulator.

Mark Hourani (HPE), Chris DeAppolonio (Evil Geniuses)
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The Gospel of the CEO

In the wake of a global pandemic, social unrest, and political upheaval, stakeholders are expecting more from corporations, especially from CEOs. Increasingly, CEOs are expected to take a public stand on matters of social consequence – from climate change and immigration to state legislation and Supreme Court rulings. Wise leaders are leaning on their Chief Communications Officers to help them navigate these issues, capitalize on the leadership opportunities this new paradigm presents, and avoid damaging corporate reputations. Learn real life lessons from the boardroom in this session.

Speakers: Jennifer Temple (HPE), Kelly McGinnis (Levi Strauss), and Whitney Eichinger (Southwest Airlines)
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Fixing the Postpartum Healthcare Crisis

There’s a significant healthcare crisis for postpartum moms: 1 in 3 will have severe health outcomes; 50% of US counties have no maternal care services; and over half of maternal deaths occur postpartum. That’s why Joyuus, a women-owned start-up and digital health innovator, is partnering with Alpha 3 Cloud and HPE to create accessible well-being for all. Hear how the partnership is transforming the postpartum experience using human-centered research and design to provide real-time, evidence-based, actionable health platform centered on the insights of moms and those who care for them.

Speakers: Alexia Clements (HPE), Lisa Marceau (Joyuus), Kristine Merz (Joyuus), and Ron Sacks (Alpha 3 Cloud) 
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Saving the Planet with AI

Business leaders are facing increasing pressure to implement AI yet the amount of energy required to use AI is enormous. Research indicates that training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes. Yes, AI will change the world but it’ll also contribute to catastrophic climate change from the carbon emissions it produces if we do not act responsibly. Technology leaders from HPE and Crusoe Energy will share how to sustainably deploy AI – to advance society and save the planet.

Speakers: Justin Hotard (HPE), Chase Lochmiller (Crusoe Energy)
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