Get to know Justin Hotard, EVP & GM of HPE High Performance Computing, AI & Labs

JULY 25, 2023 • Q&A

Justin Hotard, HPE’s head of High Performance Computing, AI & Labs shares his journey, leadership style and what he thinks is most exciting about AI

HPE’s head of High Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence business group tackles the toughest questions about AI everyday while ushering the world into the exascale era. He uses his unique background to build teams that have his back, while he keeps his vision focused on what’s next. We caught up with him to find out just who is Justin Hotard?

So, who is Justin Hotard?

I'm someone who's constantly looking ahead at what's next. I’m always scenario planning in my head and thinking about how to put all the puzzle pieces together. I like to solve problems and enjoy the experience of learning.  The way I see it, learning is growing, and I don’t ever want to stop learning. 

Speaking of teams, how did growing up in Europe shape your views on building teams?

I grew up with kids from all over the world - Africa, Europe, the UK and Canada - which gave me the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures.  When I look at bringing together teams, I think about the entire composition of the team. This goes beyond functional expertise, and I believe the best teams are those that bring together different and unique skills. 

What’s the best career advice that you’ve received?

One piece of advice that I’ve lived by is to be genuine and true to yourself. Because if you aren’t being genuine, then people will eventually pick up on that, so be your true self...always. 

What excites you about supercomputing at HPE?

Just over a year ago, HPE launched the world’s most powerful exascale supercomputer marking a new era in artificial intelligence, scientific research, and innovation that solves calculations up to 10X faster than other top supercomputers. And when powered by responsible AI, we will be able to transform science, technology, and our daily lives to propel a new level of productivity and advancement for humankind. How can you not get excited about that?

AI has become a hot topic all over the world, what’s most exciting about AI to you?

I would say the potential for AI to improve outcomes in life sciences and healthcare. Too many people suffer and are lost to health issues like terminal illnesses. It’s one of the most complex problems because it doesn’t just involve solving for just one discipline - it’s lifestyle, environment, and biology. Traditional technologies can’t solve this but there is a ton of potential for AI to help us get there.