Creating the future together with new innovation across edge, cloud and AI



  • This year’s HPE Discover marked my sixth keynote on its stage. Since my first day as CEO, I said the enterprise of the future would be edge-centric, cloud-enabled, and data-driven. That vision turned to strategy, then innovation, and ultimately into business outcomes for customers in every industry
  • On-stage in front of 10,000 attendees, I made one of the most transformational announcements in our company’s history: Hewlett Packard Enterprise is entering the A.I. public cloud market
  • In my discussions with customers, partners, press, industry analysts, and HPE team members this week, they reaffirmed that our edge-to-cloud strategy and differentiated innovation like the announcements we made this week continue to set us apart
  • We stand in a league of our own at an incredible technology inflection point, where edge, hybrid cloud, and now AI – will come together to advance the way we all live and work

At HPE, we are preparing our customers and partners to take advantage of advanced technologies across edge, hybrid cloud and A.I. that enable us to uncover insight and drive action like never before

This week, I was happy to have the opportunity to gather with 10,000 Hewlett Packard Enterprise customers and partners, and team members for our annual HPE Discover event.  The energy was electric as we introduced incredible new innovation and discussed new ways HPE’s edge-to-cloud portfolio can help customers harness the power of their data to advance their digital transformations.

As I reflect on the week’s conversations, it is clear we are entering a new era, driven by one of the most exciting technologies the world has ever seen: artificial intelligence. It will affect every industry, as well as every level of computing, from the smallest IoT device to the largest exascale supercomputer. And it will require that enterprises be edge-centric, cloud-enabled, and data-driven – characteristics I asserted would define the enterprise of the future when I became CEO more than five years ago.

At HPE, we are preparing our customers and partners to take advantage of advanced technologies across edge, hybrid cloud and A.I. that enable us to uncover insight and drive action like never before.

Edge: Leveraging data with the most intelligent, secure, and advanced networking portfolio

We all know how data is exploding at the edge. In 2018, we declared the edge would be the next frontier, and since then, we have invested more than $5.5 billion to build the world’s best, most intelligent, secure, and advanced networking portfolio with more than 27 million HPE Aruba access points in the field, and more than 3,600 customers of our SD-WAN solutions, powered by our Silver Peak acquisition.

Making it all work efficiently and at scale requires smart and A.I.-enhanced predictive management tools, as well as end-to-end security. Our acquisition of Axis Security, an industry leader in SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is helping us address the convergence of the network and security markets, and the ongoing build-out of the hybrid cloud.

Our newest data center infrastructure products, led by the HPE Aruba CX 10000 switch, are key to tying resources together and offer a unique blend of performance, scale, and automation. We are also leading the convergence of wireless technologies, thanks to our acquisition of Athonet, will power a seamless experience across Private 5G and W-Fi.

Today, all of our HPE Aruba Networking offerings are cloud subscription-based and available on our HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. Together, they provide the simplicity to deploy connectivity at scale through an intuitive cloud operating experience.

Hybrid Cloud: HPE GreenLake services for every enterprise

For years, I have said the world would be hybrid – and that prediction has come true as businesses seek to blend the best of on-premises and public-cloud resources. It’s a powerful mix but it’s hard to get it right.  Organizations need a unified experience across all workloads that is open and secure, as well as sustainable. HPE GreenLake is the core of that experience.

At HPE Discover, we extended our hybrid cloud leadership with new HPE GreenLake cloud services, including SaaS solutions from recent acquisition OpsRamp and for backup and machine learning, as well as expanded NaaS offerings.

Of course, no hybrid cloud strategy is complete without coherent integration with the public cloud. We have expanded HPE’s relationship with AWS to simplify the hybrid cloud transformation for enterprises.

And for private cloud workloads, to drive faster, easier, and more sustainable ways to deploy HPE GreenLake outside your data center, we have significantly expanded our partnership with colo market leader, Equinix. The partnership enables customers to go from quote to production in just days, adding capacity and scale on-demand.

We’re also expanding our HPE GreenLake private cloud portfolio with HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition, a new offering that allows customers to spin up virtual machines across hybrid clouds on demand. 

A.I.: The next great frontier

We have all seen how newly-available A.I. tools can give businesses superpowers – of insight, speed, capacity, and efficiency. A.I. is the most disruptive technology of our lifetimes, and we are at the inflection point of its application.

An opportunity of this magnitude requires an appropriately-scaled response. So, we made one of the biggest announcements we have ever made on the HPE Discover stage.

We believe that powerful and trusted A.I. training tools must be accessible to all organizations. We’re making that possible by entering the A.I. cloud market.

We’re using our industry-leading supercomputing to power our new service, HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models. It will enable any enterprise to privately train, tune, and deploy large-scale A.I. through our on-demand supercomputing cloud service.

We built HPE GreenLake for LLM in partnership with Aleph Alpha, using its pre-trained Luminous model. The service can work with customers’ private data sets to create LLMs in five languages. Models can be trained from scratch and then deployed for private (or public) use. It’s the ideal solution for creating generative A.I. models based on proprietary data: unlike consumer-grade models, your data remains yours. And it is the first in a series of industry- and domain-specific A.I. applications that HPE plans to launch in the future, including climate modeling, healthcare and financial services.

Performance, speed and accuracy are all essential when pursuing A.I. But one other critical consideration is the sustainability impact of A.I. workloads. Energy efficiency must be embedded into A.I. strategies. HPE GreenLake for LLM will run in sustainable colocation facilities. These facilities include sophisticated direct liquid-cooling capabilities and waste-heat reuse initiatives as part of the solution that can make the footprint carbon negative.

Creating the future together

The last week has been invigorating.  Our customers and partners realize we are at a technology inflection point, and they are turning to HPE to help them power new possibilities across edge, hybrid cloud and A.I.

HPE has been at the forefront of major technology advancements over the last 80 years. It is a privilege to bring new ground-breaking innovation to our customers and partners, so we can come together to advance the way people live and work.

Let’s create this future together.


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