Introducing HPE’s simplified brand architecture


HPE is simplifying its brand architecture to make it easier to choose the most appropriate solutions

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) we are driving toward one customer experience, delivered through one integrated platform, leading with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform brands. The transformation of our portfolio to deliver everything as-a-service is a strategy that our CEO, Antonio Neri, announced in 2019 to simplify the experience for our customers. To accelerate this strategy, I’m announcing another step forward - the simplification of our brand architecture and naming strategy.

Today, we have 29 product and service brands we bring to market. Over the next three years, we will consolidate our portfolio under the Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HPE GreenLake brands, along with the following product and services brands, to make it easier for customers to confidently choose the solution that best meets their needs: HPE ProLiant Compute, HPE Cray Supercomputing, HPE Alletra Storage, HPE Aruba Networking, HPE Ezmeral Software and HPE Services.

Given the importance of Aruba in our edge-to-cloud portfolio, we will take special care to bring them into our new brand architecture to provide exposure to a wider audience, while at the same time preserving the brand equity -- including the font and color in the new wordmark. This will enable us to leverage the extensive reach of the HPE brand to help HPE Aruba Networking grow and become more visible with enterprise buyers, while preserving what makes it unique.

To minimize disruption as we transform, we will implement these changes through the natural course of business over the next three or so years. When we introduce new products, or change the value proposition of existing products, we will apply the new brand architecture and naming strategy. When existing products reach end of life, we will retire that brand name.

By offering fewer brands, combined with descriptive naming, we will make it easier for customers to understand which products and services are right for them, know what is designed to go together, and what their natural upgrade path is. Just as Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a balanced portfolio of products and services that meets customers’ needs from edge to cloud, our new brand architecture achieves the right balance of simplicity, flexibility, and familiarity.


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