HPE showcases security initiatives via the 2023 Cybersecurity Report


The HPE 2023 Cybersecurity Report shares how we protect our company and deliver a secure edge-to-cloud experience for customers

Delivering a secure HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud experience is paramount to HPE, our customers and our partners. As we continue to support organizations shifting to hybrid cloud, we see the security of cloud platforms as a shared responsibility, and that takes collaboration. In that spirit of collaboration, we also believe in sharing learnings, ideas, and opportunities with our customers and the cybersecurity community at large.

Our 2023 Cybersecurity Report showcases some of the initiatives HPE has undertaken to meet challenges we all face, such as protecting an expanding attack surface, securing the hybrid cloud environment, providing transparency for stakeholders, and growing cybersecurity talent. The report is also a means to share our expertise and collaborate with the industry on our collective experiences. Below are some highlights from the report.

Facing the daily threats:
Similar to other global technology companies, we are a constant target for cyber criminals. In fact, our security operations center logs over 2.6 billion events per day. Our report discusses the threats we face every day and how we manage them – from phishing and ransomware to supply chain attacks and nation-state actors.

It also delves into our increased focus on the edge-to-cloud environment and what we’re doing to protect our customers with a risk-based, compliance-driven approach to data security. The HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform continuously applies more than 2,200 separate security controls to protect customers and their data in real time.

Closing the experience gap:
All enterprises are feeling the squeeze of increased competition for talent. At HPE, we’re reframing the cybersecurity talent shortage as an experience shortage and in the report, we talk how we aim to we create - rather than take - talent. Last year, we launched the HPE Cybersecurity Career Reboot program, which seeks talent in unlikely places and is designed to both gift opportunities, and to grow our ranks of cybersecurity professionals.

Looking into the future:
Our report provides insights from cybersecurity subject matter experts around HPE on the trends they’re seeing from their unique perspectives. For instance, Brian Schmitt, our associate general counsel, predicts: “CISOs, CSOs, and other security professionals will increasingly be held personally accountable for their failures to provide required breach disclosures or to adequately secure sensitive data.”

Taking action:
We share a set of recommendations for building cyber resilience and embracing zero trust within your organization. For example, we believe that enterprises must connect security teams more closely with the business. Only then can they fully understand the risks to the organization and successfully mitigate them.

I truly believe cybersecurity is a collective responsibility that takes all of us. The 2023 Cybersecurity Report shares insights from HPE but is intended to spark ideas and conversation.

Please take a look and reach out to me with your feedback – I look forward to hearing from you!


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