Transforming toward an intrinsically sustainable, data-first, and hybrid by design future with HPE GreenLake



  • Today, we’re introducing new HPE GreenLake services to bolster the platform’s cloud leadership, as well as unveiling global survey results showing a lack of data capabilities hinders both the private and public sector from achieving key outcomes
  • We are also announcing a partnership with the 2023 Ryder Cup to deliver an intelligent and immersive fan experiences at one of the world’s largest sporting events

At HPE Discover Frankfurt, our first in-person HPE Discover event in Europe in three years, we’re showcasing why digital transformations must be intrinsically sustainable, data-first, and hybrid by design

Today, we kicked off HPE Discover Frankfurt, our first in-person HPE Discover event in Europe in three years. As I meet with some of the 2,000 customers and partners joining us this week, I realize how much has changed since we gathered last. The global pandemic highlighted the gap between innovation leaders and laggards and accelerated major technology trends. Now, in a dynamic macroeconomic and geopolitical environment, customers recognize they must continue to prioritize digital transformation to compete and win.

What has changed is how they are approaching their digital transformation. I believe the most successful organizations in this environment will be those that make their transformations intrinsically sustainable, data-first and hybrid by design.

Sustainability must be a priority from the start, not an afterthought. At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we are proud to enable our customers to transform sustainably through more efficient technology, cloud consumption models, and a commitment to renew, recycle and reuse assets through the circular economy. The numbers don’t lie – the effects of climate change are overwhelming and happening right now. It is critical that we work together to contribute to the solution.

The next priority of transformation is it must be data-first. Today, data is growing at an exponential rate, and organizations must acquire the tools and skills to extract not just insights, but value. Putting data at the core of an organization’s value engine is an opportunity for organizations across industries. They must start to treat data as their own strategic asset.

In a recent global HPE survey of more than 8,600 executives that examined the ability of organizations to create value from data, the average organization’s data maturity score was 2.6 on a five-point scale. This means not only are most organizations far from fully leveraging their data as a strategic asset – they also lack the basic capabilities to do so.

Solving this challenge requires a shift toward data-first digital transformation. This approach puts data at the center of transformation to establish the strategic, organizational and technical prerequisites for creating value from data. It also empowers organizations to collaborate, innovate and generate data network effects, without sacrificing data privacy or control over their data-driven business model.

Finally, to capitalize on the next phase of data-driven digital transformation, organizations must be hybrid by design – across edge to cloud. For the past decade, the public cloud has been the primary transformational force in our industry. In this highly centralized model, many applications gained speed and agility by running inside the public cloud; however, many were left behind. It was easy to put data in, but very expensive to take it out.

Because of the explosive growth of the edge, I believe the next wave of data-driven digital transformation will require hybrid edge-to-cloud architectures where the cloud comes to the data, not the other way around. To be successful, enterprises must embrace edge-to-cloud architectures to deliver a consistent cloud experience to all teams and applications with the ability to access and gain value from data anywhere.

This is what inspired us to invent HPE GreenLake – the industry’s first edge-to-cloud platform designed to provide organizations with a more sustainable, data-first, hybrid cloud transformation.

Today, thousands of customers are using our HPE GreenLake platform to transform their environments and operating models without having to move data and rearchitect workloads.

We continue to invest in our platform. Earlier today, HPE introduced new application, analytics and developer services to bolster HPE GreenLake’s hybrid cloud leadership. These new additions also complement our game-changing announcement with VMware last month to bring together HPE GreenLake and VMware Cloud to deliver a fully integrated solution with a simple pay-as-you-go hybrid cloud consumption model. Earlier today, we also announced a partnership with the 2023 Ryder Cup, as-a-service solutions through the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform at one of the world’s largest sporting events to create an intelligent and immersive experience for fans onsite and around the world. 

HPE GreenLake is core to our strategy – it gives customers one platform and one experience, from edge to cloud. It is also core to how we help customers transform – and do so in a way that is intrinsically sustainable, data-first, and hybrid by design.

I believe if customers embrace these digital transformation imperatives, they will be best positioned to capitalize on opportunities both today and tomorrow.   


Lack of data capabilities impedes organizations’ success, global survey finds

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HPE GreenLake adds application, analytics, and developer services to modernize workloads across the hybrid cloud

Press Release

Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners with the 2023 Ryder Cup to deliver an intelligent and immersive experience to fans onsite and around the world

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