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  • This leading non-profit regional hospital relies on exceptional services and support from HPE Pointnext Services to streamline operations and help accelerate patient-centric care
  • An assigned HPE team helps Enloe Medical Center get the most out of its IT solutions and plan for the future, while freeing up IT staff to focus on business innovation

HPE’s services customer experience empowers mission-critical healthcare at Enloe Medical Center

Challenges in the healthcare industry have been on the rise, and for many of us, they have hit close to home. As we step into our local hospitals, we continue to see overworked staff and shortages, patient safety, quality of care, and affordability issues, and inefficiencies across the board.

To help combat some of these challenges, we are collaborating closely with our healthcare industry customers and partners.  Earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Webb, Director, Technology Infrastructure at Enloe Medical Center, who shared how Enloe harnesses data, automation, and expertise to advance their organizational goals. Enloe utilizes our services and is one of the key participants in our customer engagement program. Through this collaboration, Enloe capitalizes on their HPE services and support experience to harness the full power of our solutions.

About Enloe Medical Center

Established in 1913, Enloe Medical Center is a 298-bed non-profit regional hospital based in Chico, California, with the mission of improving quality of life through patient-centered care. Sound a bit familiar? Enloe's mission aligns with our HPE mission – to advance the way we live and work. Whether it's delivering mission-critical uptime for the Level II trauma center or minimizing the impact of ransomware attacks with software-defined archiving, the IT team at Enloe takes its dedication to the residents of Northern California personally. The mission criticality of Enloe’s patient-centric care means that Enloe needs reliable IT services to drive operational efficiency and agility.

Innovation at Enloe and their HPE Services Experience

While reflecting on the innovative work that he and his teams drive at Enloe, Chris Webb shared that "The trust in the partnership is essential to delivering any new tool, new service, whatever it may be. If the business and the IT department aren't aligned, it probably won't be as successful as it overall could be. (…) Our institutions, our business units rely on the IT department to push things." One example: the implementation of tracking assets. In the healthcare industry, sometimes very expensive medical equipment is lost. Traditionally, equipment tracking processes can be quite manual, so Enloe decided to innovate and digitize.

For projects such as these, built on or leveraging HPE products, Enloe IT engineers can rely on HPE for any services needs they may have. They utilize one of the highest levels of support HPE has to offer as well as our online support platform.  Their assigned HPE team serves as an extension of Chris’ team.  They are part of the Enloe family, dedicated to helping them get the most out of their solutions and plan for the future. And since time is money, they free up IT staff time to focus on business innovation by accessing the support platform to quickly and easily open and close support cases, chat with experts, search the knowledge base and view Tech Tip videos. Chris shares, "Those are the innovative things that we're able to do now because of the alignment and the partnership with the business units, as well as the assistance we get from HPE."

Efficient support = time and money saved.

The Impact

Ultimately, every IT decision that Enloe makes, including how they best leverage HPE services to support their infrastructure and train their teams, considers how it will ultimately impact their patients. As a trauma center, Enloe needs to proactively prevent issues from occurring and access capabilities that can improve efficiency. Smooth operations and automated support provide the right foundation for Enloe to continue to streamline hospital operations and enhance the standard of care they deliver to patients.

At HPE, we holistically support customers like Enloe Medical Center – and not just in helping them log cases to get their products fixed or keep track of their contracts or warranties’ status. We look beyond this. Ultimately, we want to help customers like Enloe drive their business outcomes. Through providing a great services and support experience, we joyfully help Enloe save lives through their goal of accelerating patient-centric care. This kind of collaboration helps bring services and support beyond the data center and into the world at large.

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