The future of work starts with early career talent



  • HPE is making investments to reach early career and university talent globally
  • We’re using technology to enable candidates to experience ‘real work’
  • Learn how diversity, equity, inclusion and social environment governance build our culture and provide team member opportunities

Why early career and university hiring is key to HPE’s talent strategy

Fall is one of my favorite seasons at HPE; it’s when our summer internship program has wrapped up and our university hiring is in full force. Early career and university hiring enables us to expand our candidate pool with skills we need now, as well as for the future. This year, we’re making more investments to reach potential candidates globally - including new partnerships, approaches, and exciting tools - as they are such an important part of our overall talent strategy. 

Early career candidates grew up with technology and have become digital natives; they are autonomous and are able to learn faster with less aversion to change. These are crucial skillsets for virtually every team member to help HPE deliver on our purpose to advance the way we live and work. To help early career candidates understand what it’s like to work here, we’re introducing a virtual experience program to showcase real-world examples of work, and careers they can be part of at HPE.

Our first virtual experience is focused on Software Engineering where candidates learn how to design and build a RESTful web service using Java Spring Boot and our HPE GreenLake cloud platform, how to add application support, and how to create unit tests. Candidates can then compare their work with model answers. Soon we’ll introduce Sales virtual experiences as well. This allows us to engage, attract and recruit top diverse talent from anywhere across the globe and build a pipeline for those ready to work now or in the future.

Diversity is also an important part of our talent strategy to enable innovation; university hiring presents opportunities for us to meet future employees where they are, anywhere in the world. This year, we attended the prestigious Grace Hopper Conference where we had the opportunity to connect with more than 30K women in technology from across 120+ countries. More than 1,000 candidates showed interest in joining HPE by registering at our booth. 

Our purpose at HPE extends beyond what we do for our customers and our use of technology to change the world. Our culture, together with innovation and our people, are a driving force to ensure we’re delivering what we call Living Progress – environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs focused on sustainability, human rights, transparency and more. With many early career recruits wanting meaningful work, there are many areas within HPE where early career talent can get involved, build a meaningful career, and create the future leaders at HPE.

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