Sustainable business value requires more circular technology



  • New circular economy data available for worldwide customers to realize environmental benefit of pre-owned tech
  • More languages, data added to HPE’s industry-first Circular Economy Report

HPE drives circularity by accelerating adoption of upcycled tech

The business and social imperative of sustainability requires organizations to respond. For HPE this means looking holistically at the entire carbon footprint of IT from edge to cloud.

HPE Financial Services advanced the IT industry's approach to sustainability reporting in 2018 when we were the first major tech company to provide a Circular Economy Report to customers. In the years since, our customers, the industry and even our competitors are better at driving circularity: adopting more energy-efficient technology and diverting end-of-life assets to upcycling programs instead of the landfill.

Extending the lifecycle of technology assets through adoption of pre-owned tech is a vital part of IT circularity. Unfortunately, many still underestimate the true financial and environmental value of procuring refurbished tech—whether in our personal lives or in running an enterprise. When we consider net zero strategies, this is especially pertinent as pre-owned products do not have the carbon impact present with manufacturing new products.

At HPE, we work to make the data-driven, value-based case for how upcycled tech delivers business and environmental value with our customers and partners. That’s why I’m pleased to announce enhancements to our personalized Circular Economy Reports. HPEFS is making available our HPE Circular Economy savings calculations for CO2, energy, and landfill waste 1 to our HPE Certified Pre-owned customers.  We are also making our HPE Circular Economy Report available in more languages, including German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Optimizing IT Economics Requires Leaving No IT Behind

HPE sees sustainability as a catalyst for the enterprise – a force for good and for game-changing optimization through reduced carbon footprints and smarter economics realized in the circular economy. HPE is enabling organizations to rethink their sustainability strategy – to accelerate their digital transformation through expertise, modernize their hybrid IT environment while achieving sustainable outcomes, and maximizing the value of sustainability with a holistic approach to their IT asset lifecycle. In the process, enterprises grow stronger, more resilient and more able to accelerate a data-first strategy.

The good news is more enterprises now understand the benefits of “driving circularity” and “leaving no IT behind,” both for the planet and their organization.

Our two HPE Technology Renewal Centers (TRCs), in combination with a global network of trusted partners in over 80 locations, process, refurbish and return to use millions of tech assets every year. In FY21 alone, HPEFS and its customers have saved the equivalent energy consumption of 17,000 homes and carbon emission from 42,000 cars. The Tech Renewal Centers are game changers for eliminating e-waste and enabling customers to manage their assets in a secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner.

Just last week, Yahoo! JAPAN, the country’s most visited web portal, announced that it selected HPE Asset Upcycling Services to process end-of-use hardware, including storage and servers across multiple brands, and to send for secure refurbishment.

However, a mind shift is still needed on procuring pre-owned assets, in addition to upcycling at end of life. Today, pre-owned and upcycled tech makes more business sense than ever, as supply chains continue to work through the availability of resources and manufacturing capacity. 

Beyond the environmental benefits, the adoption of pre-owned tech lowers capital expenditures and exposure to supply chain risks. According to IDC, refurbished tech also accelerates time to market for projects and reduces training requirements and IT spend 2.

HPE Certified Pre-owned technology has gone through HPE’s rigorous product testing to ensure authenticity and functionality. It can be custom configured to meet a customer’s specific needs and it is certified and warranted.

For these reasons, we believe upcycled tech should be on your innovation roadmaps and in the conversations among IT departments, procurement teams, CIOs, CFOs and CSOs. And now we're giving you the data upfront to put pre-owned tech into your sustainability and IT asset acquisition strategies. HPE is committed to making it easier than ever to accelerate your sustainable business transformation.

I want to thank you and your organization for partnering with HPEFS to drive more circular and sustainable IT strategies. Together, we can be a force for good for our planet.


1: Potential impact and savings figures are estimates that may not reflect actual results in every use scenario. HPEFS is not responsible or liable for the use of any of the information provided, including, but not limited to, for the purposes of marketing, advertising, or reporting. Please consult your legal and environmental advisors regarding the use of this information.

2: Source: Future of Digital Infrastructure: Incorporating Refurbished IT Equipment into Digital Infrastructure Buying Strategies to Improve Sustainability Efforts; IDC, Susan G. Middleton, September 2022. Doc # US49713322


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