HPE awarded four times over at the 2022 Corporate Governance Awards



  • HPE was honored at the 2022 Corporate Governance Awards
  • HPE named winners in four out of the five categories in which we were finalists

HPE recognized as an industry leader in Corporate Governance

HPE aims to win the right way, and by doing so managed to win awards in four categories at the 2022 Corporate Governance Awards hosted by Corporate Secretary on November 9, 2022 in New York City. This year’s awards follow on HPE’s prior wins for Best Shareholder Engagement and Best Use of Technology.

Corporate Secretary is a well-recognized organization in the corporate governance space and has hosted this event for the last 15 years. They organize impactful events where corporate governance professionals share and build on their insights, as well as publish articles on the latest developments in this space. The panel of judges that determined the awards were made up of seasoned experts who work to uphold best practices in their field. We are pleased to have been named winners in four out of the five categories in which we were finalists. 

  • Best Use of Technology

o   Technology is becoming an integral part of the way governance professionals communicate with their colleagues and with investors. Not only does HPE fully embrace it, but we are seen as leaders in the space. Over the last few years, use has expanded to include broadcasting the annual stockholder meeting in the Metaverse and making them accessible via Virtual Reality. HPE previously won this award in 2020.

  • Best ESG Reporting (small/mid cap)

o   This title was awarded based on the quality and robustness of our ESG-related reporting in our 2022 Living Progress report. HPE has been a frontrunner in putting out exhaustive ESG reporting since our first report was released under legacy company Compaq in 1996.

  • Best AGM (Annual General Meeting)

o   HPE’s annual shareholder meeting was held virtually in 2022 and was open to all stockholders. The event was recognized for fulfilling regulatory obligations and training and preparing management and board members for virtual engagement with shareholders, which ensured shareholders had the opportunity to engage before and during the annual meeting.


  • Best Shareholder Engagement (small/mid cap)

o   Engaging in dialogue with shareholders around governance issues has taken on growing importance. HPE provides robust disclosure in our annual and quarterly reports and our proxy statement. Some other examples of meaningful shareholder communication include HPE’s Living Progress Report, Securities Analyst Meeting, Board Outreach program, and off-cycle engagement meetings with shareholders. Staying connected with our shareholders is always top of mind. HPE previously won this award in 2018.


"Winning awards is great and makes me proud of our efforts, but the hard work that went into even being eligible for recognition is what I'm more focused on. Having a culture that promotes governance and doing the right thing is integral to our team and HPE as a whole,” says Rishi Varma, SVP General Counsel & Corporate Secretary.

At HPE, we strive to partner, innovate and act with uncompromising integrity. Winning the right way is part of our unshakable DNA not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it is a basic expectation of all our stakeholders.


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