HPE Services helps customers accelerate data-first modernization



  • Customers can remove obstacles to gaining insights from data, and more easily scale ML pilots into production
  • New services and tools for hybrid cloud transformation combine automation, data, and expertise to bring more speed and predictability to modernization

Modernizing legacy IT and data architectures to deliver cloud agility to business-critical applications and data sets while controlling risk and cost

June 28, 2022 - Here at HPE Discover, the conversation has been all about data-first modernization. Every business and IT leader I talk with wants to get to better quality data and insights, faster - and act on them to drive their business forward.

Inevitably, this discussion turns to how you can modernize legacy IT and data architectures to deliver cloud agility to business-critical applications and data sets while controlling risk and cost.

I’m excited to announce that we’re launching new and advisory and professional services to help our customers address several critical areas of data-first modernization.

New Data Transformation Advisory services help customers connect data consumers and data sources

Many organizations face obstacles to making data available to operate and analyze.  Data exists in siloes, across inflexible systems, lacking consistent structures and standards.  Adding new data sources can be time consuming and costly.

"Unlike many other areas of the IT services market, big data and analytics services continued to grow in 2020 as organizations relied on data insights and intelligent automation solutions to survive the COVID-19 pandemic," said Jennifer Hamel, research manager, Analytics and Intelligent Automation Services. "The next phase of digital resiliency will spur increased investment in services to address both lingering and new challenges related to enterprise intelligence initiatives."1

Our customers report their data scientists spend the vast majority of their time on data housekeeping, not data science while IT teams struggle to operate, secure and integrate open source analytics tools and distributed data systems.

This new portfolio of services is aimed at providing the expertise, process knowledge and technology understanding to help customers plan, build and operate a modern data platform that can quickly ingest, analyze, present and act on large and diverse data sets. Key components of these services are:


  • A data immersion advisory workshop to uncover cloud data opportunities with HPE GreenLake such as HPE GreenLake for Data Fabric

  • A one-day data strategy workshop designed to help discover AI and data analytics needs and opportunities, select priority use cases, and create a high-level plan

  • A data platform capability assessment that evaluates the readiness of your data platform to satisfy your data needs

  • Data platform design and planning that brings agile enterprise architecture methods and both technical and economic evaluation to design and implement a modern data platform that addresses key business requirements

These services add to our portfolio of AI expertise and methodology. HPE was named a Leader in Artificial Intelligence IT Services by the IDC MarketScape2.

New Machine Learning Development Services help smooth the transition of ML pilots to production and value delivery

Transitioning and scaling a successful machine learning (ML) pilot project into production can introduce technical and organizational challenges. As the focus shifts from model creation, training and optimization, new factors like scaling, automation, performance, and alignment to changing business objectives must be taken into account.

By correctly designing ML initiatives with the transition to production in mind, organizations can more readily overcome unexpected challenges resulting from gaps in areas such as cross-functional collaboration, governance and performance monitoring.

This new portfolio is designed to help customers build end-to-end ML Ops lifecycles by optimizing existing ML models, migrate them to cutting edge technology and cloud platforms such as HPE GreenLake for MLOps, and design and build tailored ML models for industry specific purposes. Services include:


  • ML Models Migration, Design & Build Services provide model migration, design and implementation, including benchmarking, model optimization and distributed learning using common frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch

  • ML Ops Ecosystem Integration provides a preconfigured ML Ops pipeline built on Determined AI, an HPE Company which enables simple configuration of ML pipelines

  • tuning of ML models, and simplified deployment to a robust production ML platform using HPE GreenLake


We have already used these capabilities to help customers such as Carestream scale their AI/ML initiatives.

New Cloud Native services and tools accelerate and simplify modernization of legacy applications to cloud-native models

Cloud-native technologies enable enterprises to develop and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private and hybrid clouds. But there are challenges to innovation in cloud native applications: financial justification, complexity of code and new architectures, or the availability of the right skills.

We are excited to extend our portfolio of application modernization services, integrating tools from vFunction, a member of the HPE Pathfinder program which identifies and invests in category-leading startup companies. vFunction is the first and only platform for developers and architects that intelligently and automatically transforms complex monolithic Java applications into microservices, restoring engineering velocity and optimizing the benefits of the cloud.

By integrating vFunction tooling into our application modernization and migration portfolio, we are able to deliver an automated, data-driven 3-step approach that accelerates modernizing of customer applications to cloud native models on the right mix of public, private and on-prem cloud platforms. 


  • Assess monolithic applications to determine the right target platform

  • Analyze and design a microservices architecture for the legacy application

  • Break the monolithic applications into microservices and re-engineer using a phased approach


New Hybrid Cloud services for SAP help organizations plan and execute SAP modernization with greater predictability in the outcome

As we talk about data-first modernization, many customers identify SAP as a critical workload. Modernizing a SAP environment to hybrid cloud architectures can deliver greater enterprise visibility and agility. But SAP environments can also be complex.

What if you could look into the future and understand how your SAP work processes would look based on your hybrid cloud transformation plans?

We’ve introduced a new service designed to do just that. HPE Advisory Service for SAP Blueprint uses proprietary IP to analyze an existing SAP environment to better understand how the SAP work processes will respond to hybrid cloud modernization.  Customers can visualize system trends to plan for future modernization, and use the results to plan a modernization program that delivers the desired business-critical metrics of an SAP modernization.

We’re also introducing automated SAP deployment to help accelerate the deployment of full SAP application landscapes from months to minutes. Using HPE Ansible playbooks, customer can save time, reduce costs and errors to deployment of modernized SAP environments.

These new services are available immediately.

Learn more about HPE’s expertise in data-first modernization.


1 https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS48165721

2 https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=US46741921


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