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We increasingly see that companies need help modernizing their IT estates and solving key business challenges to deliver the outcomes they want

Next week at HPE Discover 2022, I am looking forward to talking with our customers and partners about HPE GreenLake and learning more about realizing their digital transformation goals.

What excites me is understanding what each customer is doing with HPE GreenLake. A couple of great examples come to mind:

J. J. Keller is transforming the compliance industry by innovating edge-to-cloud solutions that reduce their customers’ risk of non-compliance and ultimately keep people safer. As a digital service provider, the company tracks more than 300 state and federal regulatory bodies while delivering targeted, industry-specific solutions online and in the cloud through its own apps and services. Being digital is demanding, though, and as Josh Djupstrom, Senior Director of Information Technology, J. J. Keller, says, “We were facing the same challenges of any data-driven business—seeing our data growing every single day, figuring out the best way to analyze it, and discovering the most meaningful ways to scale and take action on it.” Working through our partner RMM Solutions, a New Era Technology Company, HPE GreenLake added flexibility and scalability to their operations. Dana Gilman, Chief Financial Officer at J. J. Keller says, “We listen intently to our customers. We always want to be able to expand and diversify our business offerings to meet their needs, and the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform puts us in a great position to deliver on that.”

We’re also helping tackle the global supply chain issues that we all are experiencing. When Patrick Terminals, Australia’s leading container terminal operator, set out to create an efficient and safe terminal by introducing leading technologies to the container shipping industry, we were able to help with the increased automation that HPE GreenLake enables, for example. Adrian Sandrin, Chief Information Officer, Patrick Terminals says, “Having HPE GreenLake cloud services puts us in good stead for handling new business demands as they emerge, whether it’s enabling new services for customers or providing added security to our systems. Running our private cloud as a service is a major advantage from a business perspective.” 

It’s exciting to see our partners and our customers are achieving so much through our HPE GreenLake cloud services. Yes, we’re proud that we’re doubling our revenue YoY every quarter, and that we have over $7.1B in total contract value (TCV) on our books.  But the best stat, to me, is that we have an over 96 percent retention rate of our customers -- meaning not only are they satisfied, but they are also seeing strong business value to meet their transformation and hybrid cloud needs with HPE and HPE GreenLake.

I can’t wait to share the news that we’ll reveal next week.  We are pushing our organization hard to think of better ways to bring the cloud to you, and we’ve got some amazing innovations to share. On Monday I get to meet with many of our valued partners at the  Partner Growth Summit.  It’s a listening time, and I look forward to hearing the opportunities, the hurdles, and the successes that our partners are experiencing with HPE GreenLake.

Then on Tuesday, after Antonio Neri’s keynote, I’m hosting an executive look at our business and our innovations. You’ll meet more of our customers; you’ll learn more about our partner ecosystem and how some significant players in the industry are joining up with HPE GreenLake.

So, in a few days, we will be ready to share what we’ve been doing, and more importantly, hear what you’ve been doing with HPE GreenLake. And I look forward to learning how we can help bring the cloud to you.

Please join me on Tuesday, June 28, at the HPE Discover conference, at 12:30 p.m. PT in the Innovation Theater. Along with some key customers, I’ll discuss why “Your Multi-Cloud Strategy isn't Complete without HPE GreenLake.” If you can’t be in Las Vegas, join me live on the HPE Discover More Network.


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