Delivering a new era of insights with the world’s most powerful HPC and AI solutions



  • HPE continues to advance its HPC & AI product portfolio to scale with market growth and usher in a new level of innovation
  • Trish Damkroger joins HPE as Chief Product Officer of HPC and AI business group to design and accelerate end-to-end product strategy 

HPE’s Justin Hotard announces the appointment of Trish Damkroger to the role of Chief Product Officer of HPC & AI to drive an end-to-end product strategy and enable the next wave of growth, innovation, and scale  

HPE plays a pivotal role in fueling new endeavors, never made possible before, with our industry-leading HPC and AI technologies. Businesses, scientists, researchers, developers and policy-makers across various private and public sectors, turn to us to accelerate their time to insight and improve decision-making to drive transformation.

We uniquely design solutions that target our customers’ specific workloads, from specialized mission-critical systems using novel AI architectures for organizations such as Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, to powering some of the largest supercomputers on the planet for research centers such as NASA, the National Center for Atmospheric Research and University of Edinburgh. These solutions result in tremendous breakthroughs from predicting the next catastrophic weather event and accelerating drug discovery, to unlocking renewable energy sources and planning the upcoming human spacecraft mission to the moon. 

Our efforts are only expanding. 

HPE is at the forefront of making exascale computing, a technological magnitude that will deliver 10X faster performance than the majority of today’s most powerful supercomputers, a soon-to-be reality. With the upcoming U.S. Department of Energy’s exascale system, Frontier, an HPE Cray EX supercomputer that will be hosted at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, we are unlocking a new world of supercomputing. 

Frontier will represent more than just speed. It will usher in a new era of insights and innovation by significantly augmenting today’s initiatives in scientific research, AI and engineering to answer questions we never knew to ask – answers that will solve critical issues that impact humans and the world we live in. 

HPE adds Trish Damkroger to the HPC and AI team to drive an end-to-end strategy and augment solutions for the next wave of innovation

Inspired by these breakthroughs and innovations, we are committed to continue advancing our product portfolio to scale with market growth and support future data requirements. 

To accelerate the delivery of our strategy, and capitalize on the megatrends and growth opportunity in the industry, I am pleased to announce that Trish Damkroger has joined HPE as Chief Product Officer of the HPC & AI Organization. In this role, Trish will design and drive an end-to-end strategy for the entire product portfolio across our HPC and Data Solutions.  

Trish Damkroger, Chief Product Officer of HPC and AI at HPE

Trish brings more than 30 years of HPC leadership and expertise within public and private sectors. Most recently, she was the Vice President and General Manager of HPC at Intel where she led strategic initiatives to deliver compute, accelerators and memory optimized for supercomputers, including exascale-class supercomputers. These initiatives include a significant collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory to commit to delivering future generations of HPC and AI architecture for the upcoming Aurora exascale supercomputer, which will be built by HPE, in partnership with Intel.  

Prior to Intel, Trish was the Deputy Associate Director of Computation at the U.S. DOE’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) where she led a group of more than 1,000 engineers and scientists focused on supercomputing efforts. 

In her previous roles, Trish has been a strong partner to HPE’s HPC team members for many years, having jointly designed and developed powerful supercomputing solutions that have made breakthroughs in science and engineering. 

We believe our longstanding synergy and shared vision with Trish complements our team’s culture and mission in enabling our customers to accelerate insights and unlock the next level of innovation with HPC and AI. 


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