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  • HPE is helping businesses speed their digital transformation with self-service agility
  • New HPE GreenLake for Block Storage will transform the Storage as-a-Service market 
  • Businesses that put data first are winning

Go faster with self-service agility and cloud operations

Across all industries, in all geographies, data is the life force of the modern enterprise. Data has the power to disrupt, inspire, accelerate, and transform. It can spur innovation, speed time to market, inform critical decisions and enable the delivery of all business promises.

We’re seeing a shift towards a data-first strategy with IT leaders recognizing the value of delivering cloud experiences to end users on-premises and at the edge. But this is not new information to the CEOs and industry leaders who have embraced the power of their data. The businesses that know how to make their data work for them are winning. Take these stats into consideration:

  • Despite major investment in digital transformation, 67% of CEOs feel they’re losing ground (source: KPMG), while top performers have doubled their profits in the last 12 months (McKinsey);

  • Data-first leaders are 20x more likely to beat competitors to market by multiple quarters (ESG);

  • Data-first leaders are 2x more likely to recover faster from ransomware, within minutes (ESG);

  • Data-first leaders have driven 49% more innovation in the last year than Nascent Organizations (ESG)

The power to access, store, manage, and recover data is crucial for business success in the modern marketplace. And this is why HPE is making data-first modernization and Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) innovation accessible to every business.

How to build a data-first organization

When a business is built on data, addressing the complexities of data management and accelerating operations can create new revenue opportunities.

But several questions must be addressed: how can businesses accelerate their digital transformation? How do businesses become data-first organizations? How can they break down the silos that cause operational challenges and inefficiencies of scale? How do they address the frustrations with added costs?

The answer is easy: the world needs a better, straightforward approach to data and infrastructure management. While public cloud has set the standard for agility with a cloud operational model, it has lacked the enterprise readiness that critical enterprise environments demand. With that, there has been a shift towards organizations  bringing cloud-like agility to wherever their data and app workload lives – from edge to cloud.

New HPE GreenLake Services

Our new HPE GreenLake Cloud Data Services announced today help accelerate your business transformation and bring the cloud experience to you. New services and enhancements include:

These new offerings make the cloud operational experience accessible to everyone. That means creating a simple-to-access self-service experience ready for mission-critical applications and enhanced backup and recovery.

Competitive STaaS offerings don’t compare

Existing STaaS offerings are either incomplete or overly complex. For example:

  • Existing STaaS offerings come with a 4 9’s availability, which is just not good enough for mission-critical applications

  • Tradiitonal storage management is complex and requires domain expertise

HPE GreenLake for Block Storage is the only STaaS to deliver a 100% data availability guarantee built-in for mission critical environments on a cloud operational model that traditional on-premise vendors cannot do.1


  • Go faster with self-service: Customers get AI-managed self-service agility so even line of business teams and DB admins can self-provision storage infrastructure instantly without the need for domain expertise. By enabling self-service access and AI-driven issue resolution, we allow customers to focus their IT resources on strategic, higher-value initiatives.

  • Consume as-a-Service: Companies can now quickly get the storage resources they need faster with instant quoting and ordering. Workload-optimized storage tiers allow customers to focus on desired SLAs while making infrastructure invisible. This allows for scalability, and the ability to shift from heavy upfront costs to a transparent and predictable subscription with monthly payments.

  • Run any app, anywhere: Meet any SLA for any app by choosing the service levels that your workloads require. HPE GreenLake for Block Storage can be accessed from any device, offering instant, secure access to data for individuals throughout the organization – while providing 100% availability guaranteed for mission critical applications and an industry-leading 6 9’s uptime for all other workloads vs the typical 4 9’s the other vendors offer.  


Data Protection as-a-Service

With data spread across data center and cloud environments and ransomware attacks on the rise, data protection is top of mind for all organizations.

HPE Backup and Recovery Service
helps customers move to backup-as-a-service that’s built for hybrid cloud. We’re now extending this service to support Virtual Machines deployed on both HPE and non HPE heterogeneous infrastructure. Now, customers can modernize backup and protect their VMware workloads effortlessly – and cost-effectively – across hybrid cloud.

When we acquired Zerto last year, we added the industry’s leading ransomware recovery solution to the HPE GreenLake platform. Ransomware attacks have become a new reality for customers. With Zerto, customers can get out of ransomware jail and recover at scale in minutes, and to a state seconds prior to an attack. HPE is advancing its ransomware recovery solutions by adding immutable data copies - on premises and on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with HPE Backup and Recovery Services.

Zerto and HPE Backup and Recovery Service combined provide a suite of data protection services that helps customers take ransomware and cyberthreats head on – and reduces the risk of lost productivity.

We’ve been on an aggressive aaS transformation journey in the Storage business since early 2021, working to deliver on our customers’ needs in an increasingly data-driven world. Today, we’re accelerating our leadership and making Storage as a Service accessible to everyone -- from ordering to set-up, management, and beyond. We’re enabling our customers to shift from owning data infrastructure to harnessing the power of data.

Data-first modernization is how we take advantage of all that data offers. Companies built on data are winning – increasing revenue, accelerating innovation, and recovering faster. This shift is critical for businesses to thrive. Our customers must have the ability to capture, store, analyze and protect their data. But more than that – they need to be able to make their data the lifeblood of their organization. HPE is now taking the complexity out of modernizing any company’s data strategy and making it possible for data innovators to access, mobilize and unleash their data to drive their business forward.

For more information:

Check out this video to see how HPE GreenLake for Block Storage brings self-service to help business move faster:


1 Based on analysis of known industry block storage-as-a-service offerings available as of March 11, 2022 that are offered self-service.


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