Accelerating adoption of cloud-everywhere operating models with the industry’s most proven methodologies



  • HPE introduces the HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework, a comprehensive set of proven methodologies for any cloud operating model
  • The framework allows organizations to assess maturity levels across all key domains and benchmark against peers and other industry models

HPE’s Keith White discusses how the new HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework guides organizations to modernize and accelerate paths to adopting any cloud experience 

The world is hybrid.

Organizations, large and small, want to distribute their workloads across multiple cloud environments to unlock value where data is sourced to increase agility and accelerate innovation.  They also seek advice and best practices on how to effectively do this to achieve superior business results, while avoiding costly pitfalls.

While the majority of data still resides on-premises, and not in the public cloud, other types of data that is collected, processed and managed at the edge – outside of traditional data centers or public clouds– is expected to significantly grow. Managing workstreams across those remote sites, in addition to ones on-premises, to ensure always-on connectivity, compliance and security in the most cost effective way, is not an easy task. It requires platforms, capabilities, and advisory and consulting services, to build a model that enables systems and applications to quickly connect and communicate, so that organizations can manage, protect, and capitalize on all their data, from edge to cloud.

Paving the Way for Any Cloud Experience with a Comprehensive Framework 

At HPE, we are enabling organizations to find the “right mix” for their hybrid strategy to accelerate and de-risk the path to any cloud experience and adopt operating models to process data, generate insights, and ensure protection and sovereignty, no matter where their data is located.

By introducing the new HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework today, HPE is providing organizations with the industry’s most comprehensive set of proven methodologies that identify the critical capabilities required to achieve an optimal hybrid cloud operating model for their business needs.

Unlike other frameworks, which are largely focused on transitioning to public cloud environments, our framework specializes in broader transformations across private cloud, public cloud and the edge. It combines HPE’s long expertise in delivering solutions for any environment, from edge-to-cloud, leadership in services, and proven transformation stories to meet any business need for customers across the globe.

The HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework is a result of hundreds of successful customer engagements where HPE has identified a number of critical areas that enterprises should evaluate and measure to execute an effective cloud operating model. These domains, which include Strategy and Governance, People, Operations, Innovation, Applications, DevOps, Data, and Security, have formed the core of the HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework.

The framework allows organizations to assess maturity levels across all key domains and benchmark against peers and other industry models. In addition, it provides organizations with a common vernacular and aids in developing an actionable roadmap to meet critical digital imperatives to support a path to modernization.

Unlocking Value in Any Cloud Environment from Pharma to Financial Services

The framework supports an organization’s transformation to a cloud operating model no matter where they are in their journey, whether they are just starting out, seeking to optimize existing operating models or stuck somewhere in the middle. The HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework has helped hundreds of HPE customers across various industries accelerate the adoption or optimization of cloud operating models, including:


  • A global pharmaceutical organization that required support to launch and evolve its hybrid cloud program to remove barriers to innovation and address dynamic business needs. The HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework and related services helped the customer develop and execute their transformation roadmap with a focus on Strategy and Governance, DevOps, Operations and Security. Increased transparency and standardization between business and IT and new governance policies and capabilities allowed the organization to deploy a hybrid automation platform that accelerated their innovation pipeline and ability to launch new products to market, faster.

  • A large, multinational integrated energy company decided to adopt a hybrid cloud model to increase agility and maintain their leadership position. They quickly learned that increasing agility is more than a technology challenge and a broader operating model change was required to meet this digital imperative. They engaged HPE experts and used the framework to identify critical capabilities they needed to mature in their operating model across the Strategy & Governance, Applications and Operations domains. We helped them refocus on and implement a right mix hybrid workload strategy.

  • A large, national financial insurance company wanted help developing a foundational hybrid cloud strategy to support new digital platforms. They turned to HPE to develop a strategy and actionable roadmap leveraging the framework with particular focus on the Strategy & Governance, Applications, DevOps, People and Security domains. This approach drove organizational alignment as it broke down the complexity of public cloud adoption and accelerated their hybrid cloud strategy.

Simplifying Cloud Experiences with the HPE GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud Platform

We are making it even easier for customers to meet key capabilities to accelerate adoption of effective cloud operating models for any environment by delivering our industry-leading solutions for on-premises as cloud services with the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. These cloud services, which include support for storage, AI, machine learning, high performance computing and container management, allow organizations to seamlessly run any type of application and scale where there is demand. 

With HPE GreenLake, customers can adopt a cloud environment anywhere while also reducing risk by delivering the agility and simplicity of the cloud, but with the governance, compliance, and visibility that comes with on-premises.

Realizing the Journey to Cloud with Advisory and Professional Services

In addition to the combination of the HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework, the HPE GreenLake and our broad ecosystem of partners, including independent software vendors (ISVs), colocation facility providers, service providers, distributors and traditional channel partners, we are also helping our customers along each step of the way with our robust advisory and professional services, led by a team of experts at HPE Pointnext Services.

This expertise and leadership, which has helped more than 25,000 customers to tackle their biggest problems across a range of industries, bridges the gap between their digital vision and the technologies needed to realize their cloud experience.

With the industry’s most robust set of methodologies, services and edge-to-cloud operating models, we are helping our customers to modernize and transform their environments that will generate value faster and improve experiences for any industry.

Today’s news is part of significant set of new offerings and cloud services for the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, announced today in a virtual launch event from HPE. To learn more about how our latest offerings accelerate adoption and deployment of cloud-anywhere environments, along with other key developments related to the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, please join us on Tuesday, September 28 at 8am Pacific Time to hear from HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri and special guests on the Discover More Network. Register here.

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