HPEFS is bringing offers to businesses of all sizes as we enter a wave of recovery



  • In early 2020 in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, HPE Financial Services announced 2 billion dollars in financing and solutions for customers
  • New suite of offerings will help companies optimize investment capacity, facilitate as a service adoption, and accelerate digital transformation

Solutions from HPE Financial Services support businesses at any stage of recovery and help unlock their full technology potential

A year ago, when HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) announced 2 billion dollars in financing and solutions to help customers with their challenges, partners who had been contacted by the press had said that these were “great tools to move companies forward with IT projects” at a moment when they “evaluate the damage, figure out what they can and can’t do.” Customers later concurred. Plymouth Tube’s Michael Fluharty, Information Technology Manager said, “With aging hardware and cost containment in full force, HPEFS saved the day by offering truly innovative payment options giving us the ability to deploy a much-needed new solution in the middle of a pandemic.”

Now, as the economy rebounds and GDP inches closer to pre-pandemic levels, companies need creative ways to boost their investment capacity for digital priorities in order to ride the wave of recovery, or else get left behind.​

Although, according to IDC, cloud adoption and opportunities will continue to expand leading to a $1 Trillion market in 2024, an ESG Research survey reveals that 68% of the respondents agree business uncertainty has made it nearly impossible to develop long-term IT strategies because of funding concerns. And 80% agree that they are currently under pressure to free up budget allocated to existing systems.

Even for the most well-run businesses, last year was a year of survival and wasn’t without sacrifice. For many companies, budget cuts, hiring freezes and halts to all but the most critical projects were paramount to staying afloat. Companies around the world have shown a resiliency that is remarkable. They’ve pushed forward but they need keeping the momentum going.

HPEFS is now bringing to market a set of offers for businesses to help optimize investment capacity, move to as a service faster, or even double down on transformation. These solutions are available for businesses no matter where they are at in the recovery journey.

As we enter an economic recovery phase, we’re helping companies move beyond the ramifications of the pandemic. Companies are looking for ways to move ahead and accelerate their business and their digital transformation. And we’re offering three ways to do so:

1.     CREATING VELOCITY FOR TRANSFORMATION: We can create a hyper-accelerated path to an organization’s digital transformation. This asset buyback paired with a minimum 12-month usage agreement creates a boost to capital budgets now and opens a rapid transition path to new. With a focus on increasing speed of transformation, this program gives companies budget to get the migration program started, and clear line of sight on when the old, redundant tech would be decommissioned.

2.     TURNING LEGACY INTO HPE GREENLAKE: Without disruption to current operations or workloads, we can convert some or all of an organization’s tech estate to HPE GreenLake Cloud Services with ease, almost overnight. This will infuse capital and optimize operations into single environment and direct funds to your business transformation. Bundled pairing includes HPE Certified Pre-Owned tech to expand capacity as needed to improve legacy performance, and HPE Upcycling to retire underutilized, obsolete, or redundant assets no longer needed as part of the platform upgrade.

3.     RELEASE ACCUMULATED VALUE AND EXPAND FUNDING FOR NEW WHEN BUDGETS REMAIN TIGHT: This program is for existing HPE Financial Services customers. Paired with a new technology investment, this program helps lower existing monthly payment with us, extends tech usage contract, and allows them to divert funds towards new investment. This will empower our customers to do more with what they have.

A year ago, we gave our customers, and our partners, room to breathe and room to operate. Today, we are here to help businesses big or small move along on this economic journey to recovery and acceleration.

Our mission at HPE Financial Services is to create the financial and asset lifecycle solutions that customers can leverage right now to support their needs today and position them for future success. No matter where an organization’s IT budgets and legacy solutions stands, HPEFS can develop unique playbooks to unlock a company’s full technology potential.

For more details around the offers and the impact they are having for HPEFS customers, watch the announcement video.

I look forward to hearing more stories from our customers and partners. Stories of recovery, transformation, and success. To be frank, that’s why I’m in business.


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