HPE Ezmeral-Unleashing the power of analytics



  • Customers and partners are leveraging HPE Ezmeral to address their challenges and gain more business value and competitive agility
  • HPE Ezmeral is critical to the future of enterprise data management, data security, and data placement

Macro business imperatives like digital transformation are driving the explosion of data

Last June, we introduced HPE Ezmeral. In the almost year since, it has been gratifying to work with customers and partners to address their challenges, leveraging HPE Ezmeral to gain more business value and competitive agility. Companies we are working with across the globe have shortened their time to market for new digital services from months to weeks or even days. 

Our strategy and offerings are resonating and the HPE Ezmeral software business is driving strong double-digit revenue growth and winning new logos in key industries including banking and financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, media, and education. I am proud of our new HPE Ezmeral customers including Wells Fargo, GM Financial, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, University of Edinburgh, ORock Technologies, Nanya Technology, and more.

It is a great reminder that macro business imperatives like digital transformation, the explosion of data, and an entirely new generation of applications are swamping every datacenter in the world. We see our clients wanting a world-class, enterprise-grade platform that handles workloads regardless of data location with a cloud-enabled, open-source software ecosystem to drive a faster pace of innovation.

The reality is that the majority of data generated today is machine generated (versus human) which means that the volume and speed will outstrip our ability to act on it. This is why HPE Ezmeral is so critical to the future of enterprise data management, data security, and data placement. Our customers need to access their most valuable asset and increasingly tie it into the “DataOps” workflows. 

I also see enterprises continue to flatten and move to decentralized operations and decision making as part of modernization, leading more distributed nodes to Edge-to-Cloud architecture. The edge is unique for every customer with special requirements across multiple vertical markets. The HPE Ezmeral team continues to invest in the infrastructure orchestration, data life cycle, and application management of edge systems. Edge represents an important component of our strategy and a huge opportunity for HPE.

Looking across the entire HPE landscape, you’ll see we have key assets coming together to provide an Edge-to-Cloud platform to our customers to solve their problems. It is an amazing time for us, and I am excited about the opportunity to bring compelling new solutions to the market from the combined innovative power of the HPE team.

On March 17, HPE hosted the first Ezmeral Day virtual event and shared updates on product news and partnerships. If you missed it, check out the replay.