Antonio Neri announces Justin Hotard as new General Manager for HPC, MCS and Labs



  • HPE’s High Performance Computing (HPC) and Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) business is a strong and strategic growth business, made stronger through the 2019 acquisition of Cray
  • Last year, HPE launched HPC as-a-service through HPE GreenLake, bringing supercomputing power and in-memory computing to everyday environments
  • Hotard, a seasoned leader with a technical background and a market centric-mindset, will report directly to CEO, Antonio Neri 

Hotard and team will help HPE customers power the most data-intensive applications in the world

At HPE, our High Performance Computing (HPC) and Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) business is a strong and strategic growth business, and an area where we have clear differentiation, made even stronger through our acquisition and integration of Cray Inc in 2019.

I am particularly proud of the team’s accomplishment to bring supercomputing power and in-memory computing to everyday environments, most notably with the recent launch of HPC as-a-service through HPE GreenLake.  Enterprises are running analytics on increasingly large data sets and are adopting artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning, and they now will have access to HPC technologies that were historically out of reach.

We continue to win major HPC customer awards, most recently with the National Center for Atmospheric Research to build a supercomputer for extreme weather research; and an expansion of NASA’s HPE Aiken supercomputer. We completed the installation of the Dammam 7 supercomputer for Saudi Aramco, which immediately became one of the top 10 supercomputers in the world. 

And earlier this month, HPE’s Spaceborne Super Computer 2 was launched into orbit for use on the International Space Station. This system is enabling real-time data processing with advanced commercial edge computing in space for the first time, as NASA prepares for future missions.

This business is focused on delivering innovative solutions to help our customers address their most data-intensive applications and power the most critical workloads and applications in the world. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Justin Hotard has been appointed General Manager of HPC, MCS and Labs, reporting to me, effective immediately. A seasoned leader, Justin has broad and extensive experience that makes him the right person to lead this critical business and team forward. When he first joined HPE, Justin worked closely with the HPC and MCS teams to drive the acquisition of SGI. He then transformed our Compute business to improve the growth and profitability of our x86 compute portfolio. He has also served as the President and Managing Director of HPE Japan, where he oversaw key customer wins in HPC and MCS. Most recently, Justin has been critical in leading pan-HPE transformation efforts to accelerate our as-a-service pivot. Prior to HPE, Justin held executive roles at NCR and Symbol Technologies where he grew businesses by prioritizing R&D investments, executing on key acquisitions and partnerships, and improving operational execution.

Undoubtedly, Justin is the right person for the job – and at an ideal time in the evolution of our HPC, MCS and Labs business. His customer and market centric-mindset, technical background, and collaborative leadership will ensure great continuity as we deliver on our Exascale commitments, execute on our strategy and roadmap, and continue to extend our leadership in the market. Bringing Justin onto my leadership team will help us further our momentum and broaden our innovation engine as we deliver on our promise of becoming the edge-to-cloud platform as-a-service company.

Justin’s appointment follows Pete Ungaro’s decision to leave HPE in April. Pete joined HPE with the Cray acquisition and ensured the successful integration of the two companies. He has made significant contributions that have positioned this business very well for continued performance and growth. We will continue to benefit from his leadership for years to come.

I am really excited about what Justin will do in his new role and what HPE’s supercomputing power will continue to do for our global communities. 


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