Why CIOs should think about their most demanding workloads as they plan to modernize their hybrid cloud infrastructure



  • HPE partners with customers as they tackle demanding compute and data-intensive workloads for better business outcomes
  • New offerings from HPE GreenLake will help CIOs speed up deployment by up to 75 percent

HPE GreenLake Cloud Services SVP and GM Keith White discusses how HPE can partner with CIOs to help power artificial intelligence and develop machine learning initiatives for faster time to insight and accelerated innovation

I hope you were able to tune in for today’s HPE GreenLake Day (replay available) where we announced how the company is accelerating the mainstream adoption for High Performance Computing through HPE GreenLake. We have a unique opportunity to provide customers with the power of an agile, elastic, pay-per-use cloud experience with HPE’s market-leading HPC systems. Enterprises will be able to run their modelling and simulation workloads with fully managed, pre-bundled HPC cloud services to operate in any data center or colocation.

We are partnering and sharing our expertise with customers as they tackle their most demanding compute and data-intensive workloads so they can power artificial intelligence and develop machine learning initiatives for better business outcomes – like faster time to insight and accelerated innovation. Today’s news will help CIOs and their teams speed up deployment of HPC projects by up to 75 percent and reduce TCO by up to 40 percent.1

I’ve mentioned in past posts that about 70 percent of current and future workloads will stay on-premises.2 That percentage increases for the most demanding workloads, like SAP HANA, inventory management, medical imaging, and others. These workloads are almost impossible to move to the public cloud due to data gravity, latency, IP protection, application entanglement, and application refactoring. They also need application-specific expertise to implement and integrate, continually optimize performance, and enable strong resiliency. Also critical is security and compliance management as well as potentially containerizing to achieve mobility for these production-quality solutions. These challenges are tough to address, but essential, especially if customers are betting their business on these workloads.

For example, risk and compliance management requires analyzing huge amounts of data streaming in real time. We heard from Splunk’s Vice President of Product Management, Skip Bacon, enterprise organizations that consume large amounts of data, struggle with bandwidth and latency issues. Containerization is the solution, but most enterprises lack the knowledge and resources to use containers. That’s where Splunk and HPE GreenLake come in.

Arwa Kaddoura, Vice President of Worldwide Go-To-Market for HPE GreenLake Cloud Services talks about other demanding workloads -- from improving healthcare with a secure, flexible electronic health record (HER) platform to SAP for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, Customer Edition, which is powered by HPE GreenLake and is fully managed by SAP for customers. It’s the SAP cloud in the data center!

Our mission is to help CIOs and their teams think strategically about how they’re planning to modernize their data center. We’ve been doing this for years. Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping manage through these ambitious goals together so that they can free up time and resources to focus on other critical business needs.

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1A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic ImpactTM of HPE GreenLake , May 2020

2IDC Cloud Pulse Q1 2020 


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