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  • Contabo is a newly acquired HPE Gold partner. Contabo excels as a server infrastructure company that specializes in VPS and dedicated servers. Since the beginning, Contabo has focused on three basic principles that have been applied consistently and uncompromisingly to this very day: The customer is king, reliable performance, and competitive prices.

Contabo delivers key compute resources to help customers with remote work during the COVID-19 global pandemic

The Story: Contabo’s sharp focus on delivering best-in-class compute solutions at a great price helped carve a name not only in its native German market, but also to gain a foothold in over 180 countries. This customer centricity enabled Contabo to expand at a swift pace, growing at approximately 50% YOY. Even with business expanding at an already fervent rate, the global pandemic accelerated this growth and caused an additional surge in demand. This surge stemmed from the urgent need for additional compute capacity caused by remote work and increased online activity. Even though Contabo relished at this exponential opportunity and the benefit of increased business, it experienced a new challenge – the company now needed to be able to scale their business quickly to meet customer needs.

The Solution:
Contabo initially struggled to keep up with the new influx in demand, and was delayed in provisioning servers at scale. This is where working with HPE proved to be a competitive advantage. By partnering with HPE, Contabo was able to deliver top tier compute at scale, and at the best price. Specifically, HPE and Contabo together were able to deliver pre-provisioned HPE ProLiant DL385 servers  which allowed them to meet the increased demand driving substantial incremental revenue.

The impact:
Thanks to its partnership with HPE, Contabo was not only able to provide top tier compute services, but also were able to deliver pre-provisioned servers at the right price with expedited speed of delivery. This was critical in fulfilling the needs of Contabo’s many customers seeking to support remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ultimately, the team effort of HPE and Contabo enabled the reduction of manual effort connected with provisioning each dedicated server by 50% and allowing them to fulfill twice as many orders using the same workforce. This amazing partnership continues to streamline the business and add to the bottom line.

  • “Since 2003, Contabo has been a household for people seeking excellent price/performance ratio, and thanks to HPE’s ability to deliver top-tier compute at scale we are experiencing some of the best growth in company history. We look forward to partnering for many years to come.”

    Aleksander Kuczek, Chief Revenue Officer, Contabo

Q&A with Aleksander Kuczek, Chief Revenue Officer, at Contabo GmbH, Germany

How does HPE help you win business and grow?

HPE’s global reach makes it possible to quickly deliver pre-provisioned servers to our growing network of Data Centres around the world. Thanks to HPE we are able to better serve our customers and deliver their services faster no matter if they order one VPS or 40 Dedicated Servers. HPE performs this at no extra cost, meaning we are able to keep our affordable prices at the same level.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

Since 2003 Contabo remains committed to provide German quality with global availability. We focus on the stability of our Data Centres and on the quality of our support team. Each person undergoes an intensive 6 months training before they are allowed to answer customer’s phone or go to Data Centre room alone .This approach together with our affordable prices created a winning mix recognized by nearly 100,000 customers in 180+ countries.

  • “Service Providers like Contabo continue to be an important part of HPE’s business and overall strategy. Working with Contabo to deliver industry leading compute power along with a central focus on customer success has helped this partnership continue to flourish even through the challenges of a global pandemic.”

    Thomas Kitz, Director Service Provider & Alliances DACH, HPE


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