For HPE Storage, words matter… but actions matter more



  • Zealous focus on the customer experience ensures mission-critical, big data support
  • Metrics reveal tangible impact of intelligent storage for hybrid cloud environments

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Tom Black, discusses real-world outcomes and continued customer success with HPE Storage 

Every company says its primary focus is the customer. At HPE, this means more to us. We’re customer-obsessed, compassionate, and continually focused on improving the customer experience.

Making sure our customers are delighted is my number one priority as the head of the HPE Storage business. Customers with edge environments to those requiring mission-critical and big data support have come to expect nothing but the best from HPE, and standing up to that level of excellence isn’t a responsibility I take lightly.

Here’s a recent example I’m really proud of, because it showcases the depth of our customer-first focus. Like thousands of businesses across the globe impacted by COVID-19, PetSure – an Australian-based pet insurance company – had an urgent need to rapidly shift employees to a virtual office environment, and to support remote veterinary care to half a million ‘fur babies’ as pet ownership surged during the pandemic. PetSure wanted a solution to address their immediate needs and prepare for the future by adopting a platform to future-proof their enterprise IT infrastructure and ensure bandwidth capability.

PetSure looked to HPE, specifically HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, to provide a comprehensive solution to meet their evolving requirements. Developed with the customer in mind, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is a unique, flexible solution to meet a variety of customer needs, like PetSure.

I can proudly declare HPE’s obsession with being zealously focused on the customer isn’t just words on a page or a boast in an advertisement. We’re intent on building the world’s most intelligent storage for today’s hybrid cloud environments. That means developing the tools customers need to unlock the full potential of their data and optimize workloads. 

Our customer centricity and empathy is tangible, because it can be backed up with facts. At HPE, we believe it’s important we provide solutions to simplify the lives of our customers. This isn’t easy to quantify, but I’m a numbers guy. Here are a few data points to show that our laser focus on customers works.

  • 99.9999%. That’s the measured availability of our always-on, always-fast HPE Nimble Storage platform that, on average, reduces the number of manual trouble-ticket cases by 64%.

  • 86%. That’s the number of customer issues automatically resolved by HPE InfoSight, which uses AI to collect and analyze data from more than 100,000 systems worldwide, every second of every day.

  • 52%. That’s the number of self-installed arrays completed by using HPE Primera, our year-old storage platform for mission-critical applications that is designed to deliver the simplicity, availability, and performance that customers crave. It’s also the only 100% data-availability guaranteed platform that is both customer installable and upgradeable.

By using intelligence, we’re making systems smarter and more self-sufficient, saving our customers money, reducing downtime and enabling their IT resources to drive business innovation. In our industry, there’s no better way of making the customer-first promise a reality.

Numbers matter. But so does what our customers have to say, especially when real-world results match or exceed hopes and expectations, as they did with PetSure. Here's another example of how one of our customers is benefitting from HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, which is rapidly disrupting the fast-growing HCI marketplace.  

Central Pacific Bank, faced with the sudden expansion of its remote workforce, was rapidly running out of storage space. These and other infrastructure challenges made it more difficult to support virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for hundreds of remote employees and to maintain security and compliance requirements.

That’s no longer a problem. The solution created a more seamless experience for remote employees, helped reduce the number of trouble tickets and complaints for IT staff, and lessened the company’s IT capital spend. That means happy VDI users – and the customers they serve – across the enterprise.

Running IT is hard, anytime. And 2020 hasn’t made it any easier, as digital transformations have been accelerated to accommodate the work-from-home paradigm. So we keep doing what we’ve always done – examine problems and opportunities from the customers’ perspective. The insights gleaned by actively listening to customers determines HPE’s business strategy, which is why we’re working to offer our entire portfolio as-a-Service by 2022. 

Our customer-first mindset comes straight from the top. As our CEO Antonio Neri has said, “The number one principle is to always focus on the customer. Never forget that. We exist because of our customers: getting through to their needs, understanding their needs, and finding out how we can address those needs in a different sort of way.” That’s exactly what HPE is doing, in Storage and across every division and work team. 

I’ll share more soon about what’s coming from HPE Storage and what those releases will do for the only stakeholder that counts: our customers. 


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