Disrupt or be disrupted: Tech trends for a changing world



  • Digital transformation is no longer a strategic priority but a strategic imperative
  • HPE is driving innovation that joins the digital and physical worlds and delivers new insights never before possible
  • Watch the video to hear 2021 tech predictions from Antonio and Kelly

HPE CEO Antonio Neri and CBT’s Kelly Ireland discuss tech trends for a changing world

HPE CEO Antonio Neri sat down with CBT CEO Kelly Ireland to share the impacts of COVID-19, feedback they’re hearing from customers, and near-term tech trends that are on the horizon.

The global pandemic has created sweeping uncertainty and almost universal demand for companies to become digital, practically overnight. Digital transformation is no longer a strategic priority but a strategic imperative. During the discussion, Kelly echoed Antonio’s sentiment that in these times, leaders must disrupt themselves or be disrupted.


The team at CBT has drawn on expertise they learned through its refinery of the future initiative – which combines edge, cloud, compute, industrial IoT, and IT/OT convergence solution – and applied their knowledge to a world reeling from COVID-19.

CBT observed that the combination of these technologies is more important now than ever before for frontline workers, teams offering virtual support, those engaging workers at the edge, and other groups that have faced new and challenging expectations in 2020. 

The future that HPE developed solutions to address is here, ahead of schedule.

Because of CBT’s expertise that allowed the team to quickly adapt to the changing environment, the company earned more net-new clients in 2020 than in the past 20 years.


Kelly credited HPE’s solutions and the companies’ shared 19-year history of innovation with CBT’s ability to continue to deliver for its customers. Together, the companies offer solutions that are “almost too far out, but never too far out.”


As COVID-19 recovery continues, HPE and CBT will stay committed to bringing the digital and physical worlds together for customers, driving solutions that ultimately can accelerate outcomes, insights, and new ways of thinking for an ever-changing world.

Watch this video to hear directly from Antonio and Kelly on predictions for 2021, the importance of job skilling and culture, and how the “Book of Life” has helped the CBT team drive digital transformation for customers.



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