Celebrating five years of HPE culture, customers and cutting-edge innovation



  • 65% of the world’s data is still unorganized and inaccessible
  • HPE is helping organizations transform their data into actionable knowledge, no matter where it resides
  • HPE is the first company to offer a complete portfolio of edge-to-cloud solutions – all to be offered as a service by 2022

CEO Antonio Neri reflects on the journey and looks to the future

Today is a special day—our fifth anniversary as Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In the grand scheme of things, five years passes in the blink of any eye. But a lot has happened here at HPE, since we became a standalone company in 2015 with a purpose to advance the way people live and work.

Today, as we move from the Information Age to a new era called the Age of Insight, we are helping organizations transform their data into actionable knowledge, no matter where it resides, as the first company to offer a complete portfolio of edge-to-cloud solutions – all to be offered as a service by 2022.

Our transformation has been driven by the needs of our customers. Whether governments or global enterprises, academic institutions or SMBs, your organizations are demanding the tools to bridge the digital and physical worlds. What you want – and what we’re delivering – is a true, distributed cloud experience – at the edge, in a data-center, in a co-location or in the public cloud – to help modernize and transform all of your critical applications.

This journey has been accelerated in 2020 by the sudden and still-present effects of COVID-19. The pandemic has enveloped our world, altered how business and education are conducted, and furthered the need for secure connectivity and data analytics capabilities that are fast, agile, resilient and cost-effective.

Most significantly, the coronavirus has permanently altered how the world works. It is estimated that more than 45% of the global workforce will be working remotely through 2020 and beyond, while more than 55 billion devices and things will be connected to the internet by 2025. Digital transformation is no longer an option. It’s a strategic imperative that will define whether or not organizations thrive.

I’m proud of the work our HPE family is doing to ensure these transformations are taking place, both expeditiously and cost-effectively. With 65% of the world’s data still unorganized and inaccessible, we are leading the effort to provide an intelligent and automated data fabric that can put agility and intelligence close to customers’ data sources.

Most of our customers today are moving to operate in a very large distributed enterprise. They need an edge-to-cloud architecture and set of technology capabilities to act on their data in real-time. In doing so, they can personalize experiences for their own customers. Provide remote connectivity to employees. Digitally-enable classrooms for students. And ultimately deliver outcomes that power the growth of their business. These personalized and automated edge experiences must be cloud-connected and always secure. And that’s exactly what we’re delivering for them, often in ways we wouldn’t have imagined five years ago.

We are seeing them wholeheartedly embrace consumption-based IT, offered through our growing as-a-service portfolio. We’re empowering IT to shift from managing infrastructure to driving innovation. And this is all done by leveraging insights from data while protecting precious budgets that might otherwise have been wasted on over-provisioning.

As I look back on our five years as HPE, I am proud that we have stayed laser focused on the customer – anticipating needs and innovating to propel their businesses forward.  And, for that I must give credit to our 60,000 HPE team members around the globe. We have come so far in advancing our purpose, and have become stronger, together. We believe in accelerating what’s next. We are committed to being a force for good by using technology to make the world a better place. And we stand together for equity and unconditional inclusion.

I am incredibly humbled by the opportunity to lead this great company. And I’m confident that we’ll be ready for the many opportunities and challenges that await us in the years to come.