HPE Accelerating Impact delivers a new record of critical support for tech nonprofits in year of unprecedented need



  • Nearly 29,000 team members from around the world directed $1.2M in Foundation funds to 40 tech nonprofits
  • HPE continues partnering with Fast Forward, a nonprofit accelerator focused on enabling technology to drive positive social impact
  • The organizations that received the most funding and team member interest were Thorn, Dost Education, and Learning Equality

HPE continues partnering with Fast Forward to drive world-wide social change through a two week giving campaign

In a year that has challenged us in so many ways, it is inspiring to witness the collective power and passion of HPE team members. Last month, nearly 29,000 team members from around the world stepped up and drove $1.2 million in HPE Foundation funds to 40 nonprofits as part of our HPE Accelerating Impact campaign.

At HPE, the idea that “we’re in this together” has always been at our core and extends to our mission—to advance the way people live and work—empowering and enabling us to apply technology to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges. COVID-19 has underscored, and even exacerbated some of these challenges, creating an environment of unprecedented need and a larger set of demands on nonprofits.

Which is why this year’s HPE Accelerating Impact was more important than ever. Now in its second year, our annual two-week campaign provides our team members the opportunity to direct funds from the HPE Foundation to technology nonprofits with social impact missions.

In partnership with Fast Forward, a nonprofit accelerator focused on enabling technology to drive positive social change, HPE Accelerating Impact is rooted in our belief that team members have the power to act as a force for good in the world.

During the campaign, team members and others shared HPE Accelerating Impact on social media using #hpegives, which generated 4.6M impressions. We hope we inspired others to give, too! 

“In a year unlike any other, the need for tech-centric social interventions is greater than ever. Through HPE Accelerating Impact, HPE employees are unlocking critical funding for leading tech nonprofits. It's been an honor to work with HPE employees to invest the resources needed for catalytic innovation in tech nonprofits working on health, education, climate, and human rights." said Shannon Farley, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Fast Forward

The organizations that received the most team member interest and funding this year were:

  • Thorn: An organization committed to combatting child sexual abuse. Thorn is using AI to detect offenders and identify victims in partnership with law enforcement.

  • Dost Education: An education platform that delivers short, prerecorded voice messages via a call to parents’ mobile phones. This is designed to empower parents of limited literacy to advance their children’s early education.

  • Learning Equality: An edtech organization helping bridge the digital divide and drive inclusion by developing products that work completely offline to ensure students without reliable internet connectivity are not left behind.

Our newly created “Give to All” option, which allowed team members to pool their credits to support all participating tech nonprofits, received the highest amount of funding, bringing in over $150K of the total $1.2M contributions. The popularity of the new option truly reflects the important work that all of the organizations are doing. Clearly our team members agreed with that thinking.

The contributions directed by HPE team members have enabled the 40 participating tech nonprofits to realize the potential to grow their business, expand their networks, and positively impact more lives. From students to teachers, children to parents, and patients to healthcare workers, people from across the world will benefit when these tech nonprofits are empowered to innovate and discover.

In this challenging year, it’s more important than ever we keep in mind our responsibility to each other and the world around us. HPE Accelerating Impact is a reflection of HPE’s commitment to acting as a force for good and driving positive change in society.

Thank you to all who participated in the HPE Accelerating Impact 2020 campaign, and to the tech nonprofits using technology to make the world a better place!


A shared purpose: HPE team members unlock the power of tech non-profits to accelerate social change

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