HPE Storage: Accelerating recovery and transformation with an Intelligent Data Platform

JULY 8, 2020 • BLOG POST


  • The HPE Intelligent Data Platform is helping ensure business continuity during COVID-19

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Tom Black, shares the strategic vision that is unlocking the power of data

Customers demand – and deserve – data solutions that exceed their expectations, in both good times and bad. Data is the lifeblood of any organization during the Age of Insight, and this is especially true in dire circumstances, like those our world has faced this year amid the dramatic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The crisis has amplified critical needs, such as preserving business continuity, enabling remote (and distributed) work locations, handling sudden and dramatic fluctuations in workloads, and securing their data without compromising speed and efficiency.

When I assumed leadership of HPE Storage this year, I already knew our storage business, portfolio and Intelligent Data Platform were special. The team’s ability to pivot and redirect resources to help customers accelerate their digital transformations because of COVID-19 has been both humbling and inspiring.

Here’s just one of many examples of how our team is helping customers navigate COVID-19, one we will share during the HPE Storage Spotlight session an extension of our successful HPE Discover Virtual Experience.

Recently, as the virus spread like wildfire through Turkey, a hospital had to create a makeshift treatment facility in a parking lot that was supported by HPE Primera, our high-end intelligent storage array for mission-critical applications. 

Near the new facility, someone had mistakenly parked some industrial equipment too close to the HPE Primera storage array, causing some of the solid-state drives (SSDs) to slowly melt.  Within the array, and if gone undetected, the result could have been catastrophic.

As expected, HPE Primera did its job. It detected the rising temperature, automatically took steps to cool itself, and kept the drives running long enough to shift the critical data to another system, thus protecting the storage domains – and enabling medical professionals to go about the work of saving lives uninterrupted.

The power of HPE Storage doesn’t stop there. When Ferrara Candy Company emerged as a leader in the candy world, they needed a solution that would allow their IT environment to evolve and keep up with the pace of their business. HPE Nimble Storage with HPE InfoSight and HPE Nimble Storage support transformed the workplace for their IT team. With this powerful combination, Ferrara Candy Company can see exactly how their apps are performing. They’re no longer firefighting – engineers are now able to get some sleep and can stop focusing on the infrastructure as it essentially self-manages.

I can’t imagine better examples of the power and importance of storage, and why we have such a unique position in the market as an edge-to-cloud, platform-as-a-service company. We are also helping many who can’t currently access their data centers, with 90 days of free capacity with our HPE Cloud Volumes, an enterprise cloud data service.

IT also needs to prepare companies for what the future will bring, serving as a catalyst for transforming the business. With HPE Primera, HPE Nimble Storage, and the rest of our vast portfolio enabled by Enterprise Cloud Data Services and HPE GreenLake, we deliver key advantages that aid customers during and beyond the crisis:

First, we’re minimizing the risk to critical workloads by providing end-to-end, mission-critical reliability. Second, we’re helping customers simplify what otherwise would be complicated, by enabling always-on operations with AI-driven intelligence; no one can match us in that area. And these capabilities require an intelligent data strategy where data is always-on, always fast, automated and on-demand, enabled by hybrid cloud and powered by global intelligence.

As the Turkish hospital example proved, AI-driven intelligence predicts and prevents issues before they occur and keeps the infrastructure optimized and accessible, in any situation.

Our own data reveals that storage systems from HPE automatically detect and resolve issues 86% of the time, and that our solutions are doing so efficiently, too – with customers incurring a 79% decrease in storage operational expenses. As a numbers guy, these get my attention.

In fact, HPE InfoSight – which powers our storage portfolio through predictive analytics – collects and analyzes data from more than 100,000 systems, and uses that intelligence to make every system smarter and more self-sufficient. To date, it has saved tens of thousands of customers – including Ferrara Candy, mentioned earlier -- from disruptions, prevented over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity and analyzed over 1250 trillion data points. The numbers don’t lie: it’s the most advanced AI for infrastructure.

Now, despite challenges to our own working environment due to pandemic-driven restrictions, our agile team has further advanced our intelligent data platform. We’ve recently announced breakthrough innovations designed to unlock even greater agility and value of data.

For instance, with its embedded AI-engine, HPE Primera now goes beyond predicting and recommending, and can automate system operations in real-time – a major leap forward. We’re also extending our “cloud-everywhere” strategy by enabling an on-premises cloud with HPE GreenLake while helping modernize data protection with our new HPE Cloud Volumes Backup service. 

HPE is helping storage customers get the most value from their data. Our solutions are AI-driven, built for cloud and delivered as a service, all key factors to accelerating business recovery and powering transformation.

I hope you’ll join me for my HPE Discover Virtual Experience Storage Spotlight today, July 8 at 8 AM PDT or on-demand. Register and add the HPE Storage Spotlight (LB513) to your HPE Discover Virtual Experience agenda. You’ll learn more about my strategy and vision for storage at HPE, and the steps we are taking to help customers get the most from the Age of Insight.


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