New cloud data protection services from Hewlett Packard Enterprise deliver agility and unlock innovation



  • Backup as-a-service through proven, on-premises data protection with HPE StoreOnce
  • Introducing HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, a new enterprise cloud backup service that delivers a simple, efficient, and flexible way to store backup data

HPE is enabling organizations to simplify how they safeguard their most important assets, and make the most of data

Data drives business, and that data is at an increasing risk. Organizations make every effort to safeguard their data and keep mission-critical applications highly available but, still face system downtime caused by hardware failures, power outages and natural disasters. To make matters worse, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out malware and ransomware attacks. Despite the severe consequences of potential data loss, IT organizations are spread too thin to meet their data protection needs with outdated technology.

Now is the time to modernize data protection, so you can easily protect your data and extract value and insights from it. For starters, you need to simplify operations and reduce time spent managing infrastructure and policies to meet every SLA. You need to also align infrastructure needs with actual usage – to avoid overprovisioning capacity and to more efficiently manage cash flow. And finally, you need to transform your backup data. Traditional backup solutions are like expensive insurance policies, locking data away to be used in case of an emergency, limiting its value and usefulness.

This situation presents both a challenge and an opportunity for IT organizations – a challenge to simplify how businesses safeguard one of their most important assets, and an opportunity to make the most of that data. 

Introducing data protection through HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere, from edge to cloud. Self-service, pay-per-use, and elastic scale simplify operations and free up capital, enabling you to focus on business priorities.

Today, we are happy to introduce new cloud services for data protection through HPE GreenLake, allowing seamless recovery of data so you can put it to use on-premises, at the edge, or in public cloud. These new services are designed to meet ever-demanding SLAs across a spectrum of recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) where compliance and retention are key. From rapid recovery to long term retention, data protection through HPE GreenLake makes backing up and recovering data effortless and automated, through a simple point-and-click experience. Customers have the flexibility to modernize their data protection and meet every SLA at the right stage of the data lifecycle at the right cost.

Rapid recovery on-premises

For workloads demanding fast recovery, HPE is delivering backup as-a-service through our proven, on-premises data protection solution, HPE StoreOnce. Customers get rapid recovery with cloud consumption and elastic scaling in a pre-configured system. Through HPE GreenLake, customers deploy Cloud Services for Local Data Protection with HPE StoreOnce on-premises. The true pay-as-you-protect cloud model makes it simple to order, monitor, and scale on-demand, and you pay for consumption based on usage. HPE StoreOnce has deep integration with a rich ecosystem of ISV partners, providing customers the flexibility to deploy their preferred backup software for edge-to-core workloads. 

Extending data protection to the cloud

To modernize data protection in the cloud, we are introducing HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, a new enterprise cloud backup service, which delivers a simple, efficient, and flexible way to store backup data. This on-demand service lets customers backup seamlessly to the cloud from any HPE or non-HPE primary storage arrays.

Customers can spin up storage capacity in minutes and direct it to existing data workflows in just a few clicks. Automated backup policies eliminate having to initialize, configure, manage, or tune physical or virtual infrastructure. The enterprise cloud service also breaks down the silos of a typical cloud backup deployment. HPE Cloud Volumes Backup unifies backup data in the cloud, removing mass fragmentation with open support for any primary storage array and any data protection software like Veeam, Commvault, Veritas NetBackup, MicroFocus, and others.

“For over ten years, our customers have trusted HPE and Veeam to protect their data everywhere with flexible solutions,” said Danny Allan, CTO at Veeam. “We’re excited to offer our customers more choices to utilize a mix of efficient and scalable HPE StoreOnce appliances on-premises and on-demand cloud services from HPE Cloud Volumes Backup.”

“Commvault and HPE are committed to our strategic global alliance and providing customers with integrated solutions that help protect their critical data and improve business resiliency,” said Ranga Rajagopalan, Vice President, Product Management, Commvault.

The new data protection service eliminates complexity by freeing customers from the day-to-day hassles and operational costs of backup infrastructure with consumption-based pricing and efficient data mobility. And it’s flexible. Customers can restore workloads on-premises or easily leverage public cloud for multiple use cases, such as test/dev, reporting, and analytics, enabling them to transform backup data into a business asset.

Cloud backup done right

While alternative cloud backup services exist, HPE Cloud Volumes Backup is unique, and drives significantly more value for organizations:

  • Unified backup in the cloud: Provides customers the ability to collapse mass fragmentation with open support for HPE and non-HPE storage, and any data protection software and application.

  • Backup data activation: Lets customers easily and effortlessly activate and reuse secondary data for test/dev and analytics in multiple public clouds to derive insights.

  • No egress charges: No fees to restore data from the cloud, in contrast to other cloud service providers.

  • Open cloud ecosystem:  No cloud lock-in, providing customers with the flexibility to recover on-premises or in the public cloud.

  • Resilient protection from cyberattacks: Makes backup images invisible and inaccessible to ransomware, ensuring data integrity and enabling restores in the event of an attack.

  • Faster backup and recovery: Reduces the time, cost, and network bandwidth for cloud backup and recovery by 20x due to highly efficient source-side deduplication, change-block tracking, and advanced compression.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup ushers in a new era protecting data in the cloud. Industry analysts agree that the new service offers a simple, efficient and flexible approach to protecting data in the cloud, overcoming the tradeoffs and limitations of alternatives

“HPE Cloud Volume Backup enables customers to easily protect their data and applications in the cloud,” said Matt Eastwood, Senior Vice President, IDC. “This service allows customers to avoid public cloud lock-in and eliminate egress charges, with the flexibility to recover on-premises for operational restores, or in the cloud to run other workloads. The new data protection service unifies backup in the cloud with open support for any primary storage array and any backup ISVs, and we think this is a significant benefit to the customer.”

Data protection as a service for every SLA

If you create a strong line of defense now to secure business-critical data and ensure application availability, your organization will be able to deliver more than business continuity. Data protection through HPE with on-premises and enterprise cloud backup services gives you the peace of mind that your data is rapidly recoverable, always secure, and provides value to your business without compromise. We help customers protect data wherever it is – improving efficiencies by simplifying operations, aligning infrastructure with actual use, and turning backup data into an asset.

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