Introducing the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ezmeral software portfolio



  • HPE Ezmeral delivers software to help customers with the next wave in enterprise technology innovation for data-driven digital transformation
  • New HPE GreenLake cloud services for containers and machine learning operations—powered by HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops software

The HPE Ezmeral portfolio of enterprise software helps modernize applications, unlock insights from data, and automate operations—from edge to cloud

Introducing the HPE Ezmeral Software Portfolio

This week during the HPE Discover Virtual Experience, we’re focused on helping our customers with their recovery today, while accelerating their transformation for tomorrow. We’ve assembled an impressive set of experts, topics, and sessions designed to help you navigate your “new normal”—now and in the post-pandemic world.

While the future may be unclear and unpredictable, many of you are taking stock, refocusing, and setting a course to thrive in the future. A byproduct of these efforts is that digital transformation is being amplified by an order of magnitude. This extraordinary change is compelling organizations in every industry across the globe to empower their employees, optimize their operations, and transform their products, services, and operating models to compete in an ever-changing digital economy. 

In fact, many business leaders that I’ve spoken with are now embracing a digital-first strategy—to compete and thrive in the midst of a global pandemic. And the enterprises that use data and artificial intelligence effectively are better equipped to evolve rapidly in this dynamic environment. Now these data-driven transformation initiatives are being accelerated to enable faster time-to-market, increased innovation, and greater responsiveness to the business and their customers.

As CTO and head of software at HPE, my focus is on delivering against our edge-to-cloud strategy and vision of providing everything as a service. Software is a very critical and important component of this strategy. It’s also essential to helping our customers succeed in their data-driven digital transformation journeys, now more than ever.

We’re committed to providing a differentiated portfolio of enterprise software to help modernize your applications, unlock insights from your data, and automate your operations—from edge to cloud. Today, we announced that we’ve unified our software portfolio with a new brand: HPE Ezmeral.

Why Ezmeral? The inspiration came in a few ways. The word Ezmeral is a derivative of the Spanish word for emerald: esmeralda. Emeralds have mythical powers of strengthening intelligence, predicting future events, easing stress, and enhancing immunity. Similarly, our software is uniquely positioned to help our customers as they navigate these challenging times, and prepare for this rapidly changing digital future—leveraging AI and data-driven innovation. 

The HPE Ezmeral portfolio allows you to:

  • Run containers and Kubernetes at scale to modernize apps, from edge to cloud

  • Manage your apps, data, and ops – leveraging AI and analytics for faster time-to-insights

  • Ensure control for governance, compliance, and lower costs

  • Provide enterprise-grade security and authentication to reduce risk

The HPE Ezmeral software portfolio

Business innovation relies on applications and data. The apps and data running the enterprise now live everywhere—in data centers, in colocation centers, at the edge, and in the cloud. Most of the applications running businesses today are primarily non-cloud-native; and data is everywhere, with more and more data being generated at edge. Our customers are having real issues with non-cloud-native systems that will not or cannot move to the public cloud due to data gravity, latency, application dependency, and regulatory compliance reasons. Data has gravity, so our customers want to bring compute to the data not data to the compute. And because data is exploding, it’s driving the need for AI and machine learning at enterprise-scale—with the ability to harness and leverage petabytes of data.

This is where we can help. With HPE Ezmeral, we’re delivering software to help our customers with the next wave in enterprise technology innovation for data-driven digital transformation. And as Pliny the Elder once said, “nothing is more intensely green” than the emerald. This underscores the synergy between HPE Ezmeral software and our HPE GreenLake cloud services strategy.

Our customers want flexibility and openness; they want to eliminate lock-in. They want pay-per-use consumption in an as-a-service model. They want open solutions that give them the best of both worlds—with a modern cloud experience in any location, from edge to cloud. We address these needs by providing HPE GreenLake in the environment of your choice, with a consistent operating model, and with visibility and governance across all enterprise applications and data. Our software provides differentiated IP to deliver these cloud services through HPE GreenLake.

And in today’s news, we announced new cloud services from HPE GreenLake. This includes new HPE GreenLake cloud services for containers and machine learning operations—powered by our HPE Ezmeral Container Platform software to run containerized applications with open source Kubernetes, and HPE Ezmeral ML Ops software to operationalize the machine learning model lifecycle.

Today is the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Please join the HPE Discover Virtual Experience for live and on-demand sessions, check out the HPE Ezmeral software portfolio, and join the conversation by following us at @HPE_Ezmeral on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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