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  • Anexinet is a HPE Platinum Partner and has been a trusted partner to HPE for over 15 years. Anexinet has a strong global presence with solid financial backing and continues to excel in delivering truly great experiences for their customers. From engaging front-end interactions to dependable back-end solutions, all are informed by data-driven insights.

Anexinet delivers substantial savings through HPE GreenLake and HPE SimpliVity

The Story: Anexinet’s law-practice client was experiencing significant growth—a great problem to have, but one that brings the challenges of growing IT needs, increasingly complex budget management, and greater effort to maintain liquidity.

The Solution:
The client was due for a technology refresh and initially pursued the typical cap-ex route. However, with their evolving company strategy and infrastructure landscape, the client realized they needed something flexible enough to accommodate their agile operations. That solution was a highly scalable combination of HPE SimpliVity delivered via HPE GreenLake.

The impact:
By choosing HPE SimpliVity coupled with HPE GreenLake, this allows the client to continue to grow as a business. This solution delivers the flexible infrastructure needed, while also delivering added liquidity for day-to-day operations by only paying for what they use.

Thanks to HPE GreenLake and the its proprietary metering technology, the client is able to able to plan and forecast properly by being able to see cost metrics associated with department compute & storage requests. This unique functionality resulted in reducing their annual storage budget by over 35%! 

  • “Our customers need choice, flexibility and predictable cash flows, but often find that difficult with major cloud providers. Through our partnership with HPE, our customers can attain the innovative solutions that ultimately transform their business, while only paying for what they use. This creates longer, more valuable relationships.”

    Dan Smith, VP Sales, Anexinet

Q&A with Dan Smith, VP of Sales at Anexinet, United States

How does working with HPE compare to working with other technology vendors?

HPE behaves less like a vendor or supplier, and more like a true partner. In contrast with other suppliers, our relationship with HPE is reciprocal; they take a vested interest in our success. Partnerships start and end with trust; HPE demonstrates this principle every day.

How does partnering with HPE help drive innovative solutions to take to market?

HPE’s vast catalogue helps Anexinet deliver best-of-breed products and Innovation Solutions that enable clients to focus on core business needs. HPE GreenLake is a perfect example of how HPE’s payment-model innovation puts us at the forefront of consumption-selling.

How does HPE help you win business and grow?

By combining best-of-breed technology, competitive pricing, and a channel-centric go-to-market strategy, HPE helps Anexinet continue to flourish and win new business—even in challenging times—through our record of client-success at boosting productivity by enabling greater efficiencies—all while reducing costs.

How do the partner programs, trainings and executive support help you succeed?

HPE puts Anexinet in a position to succeed and grow by combining seller-reward programs with additional financial incentives. Further, HPE’s training and channel resources allow us to maximize profit by focusing our own (financial and human) resources. Lastly, the fact HPE execs genuinely care about our success, on both the channel and end-user sides, promotes trust-building. Over the long term, this equates to increased growth and profitability for Anexinet and HPE.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

Anexinet’s lifelong client relationships provide real-world proof that caring for the success of the people to whom you sell and support—while delivering true innovation—creates relationships that stand the test of time.

  • “Unpredictable times and changing business plans create an added need for flexibility. Thanks to Anexinet’s technical prowess and forward thinking, they were able to deliver a new infrastructure that met the needs of the customer’s evolving business strategy with the flexibility and freedom offered through HPE GreenLake.”

    Leslie Maher, VP North America Channel and Ecosystems, HPE


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