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JUNE 29, 2020 • BLOG POST


  • Advizex is an HPE Platinum Partner with a longstanding HPE relationship

When Mohawk Valley Health System needed to implement a new EHR system, Advizex provided 100% uptime, predictable pricing and scalable capacity with HPE GreenLake

Advizex, HPE and Mohawk Valley Health System

The Story:
Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) is an integrated health services organization serving Utica, NY and the surrounding areas. The health system was created when two area hospitals merged, resulting in four disparate Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. MVHS made the decision to implement a single EHR system for both hospitals and ultimately chose a new EHR offering from Epic called Sonnet.

The Solution:
Advizex recommended an HPE GreenLake model for Infrastructure, so MVHS only had to pay for resources utilized, while also having additional capacity available as needed. The ability to automatically scale up and down both server and storage capacity was important to MVHS, and HPE GreenLake is designed to accommodate capacity for current demands while seamlessly scaling for future growth. This was the first time Advizex implemented HPE GreenLake in the healthcare sector, particularly with an Epic Sonnet EHR software installation.

The Impact:
MVHS’ new servers and storage enable better EHR performance, bringing benefits to clinicians and patients alike. The new software provides real-time patient monitoring and information sharing, helping clinicians more efficiently coordinate patient care while improving safety. For further visibility, patients now have the ability to manage their health information using Epic’s online portal, MyChart.

Finally, by choosing HPE’s GreenLake consumption-based model, MVHS was able to reduce capital spending by avoiding purchasing future capacity upfront. As a result, Advizex has proven itself a valuable technical partner for the health system. MVHS is opening a new hospital in the near future and plans to leverage HPE’s IT services once again.

  • “HPE GreenLake gives us 100% uptime, and the predictable pricing model is already helping us cut costs. Thanks to the cloud-like experience, when we needed to quickly activate additional features and resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to easily roll this out with no time delay. We are extremely pleased with HPE GreenLake and plan to leverage this model once again for new hospitals within our health system.” 

    Ed Hildreth, Manager of IT Distributed Systems, Mohawk Valley Health System

Q&A with Mike Goodman, Senior Account Executive, Advizex

How does working with HPE compare to working with other technology vendors?

I’ve worked with same HPE Representative, Steve Gower, for 10 years. The fact that he is focused on Healthcare accounts, as I am, has helped develop a trust and capability that is important in driving a high-performance partnership and success. In the same period of time, other vendors have changed representatives numerous times, resulting in more transactional-based relationships that make you feel like a commodity rather than a trusted partner.

How does partnering with HPE help drive innovative solutions to take to market?

HPE has always listened to us regarding customer requirements, including what works and doesn’t work, as well as direct input from our customers. In the case of HPE GreenLake, I’ve seen positive outcomes for both partners and customers.

How does HPE help you win business and grow?

HPE is consistently willing to not only provide the resources that may be needed to help close business, but also offer the support and resources to address any issues post-sale. Additionally, HPE is continuing to offer sales incentives that help motivate my personal determination to exceed sales goals.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

Healthcare is a unique industry because the products we sell and the advice we provide can have a direct impact on patient outcome. My customers know they can call me at any time, and I make sure that in the case of support, they know the correct HPE numbers to call. Regardless of the size of an issue, HPE has never failed to step up and provide a positive outcome for the customer. This, in turn, has always added to the success of the relationship.

  • “Thanks to our trusted relationship with Advizex, we can count on them to offer customers high performing, scalable solutions from edge to core, in the type of “pay as you grow” fashion that suits their business needs today and in the future.” 

    Paul Hunter, Global Channel Chief, HPE


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