Showing humanity at its finest as we move to recover



  • HPE is focused not just on how we respond to the coronavirus, but on how we recover from it – and help our customers do the same
  • We see a need to help organizations rebuild business models, create new experiences and connect differently
  • We have set up a special team, working in tandem with our Crisis Management Team, focused on the rebound

CEO Antonio Neri shares the latest on HPE’s COVID-19 response

We are living through an unprecedented global crisis, and it’s in moments like these that people, communities and companies show the world who they truly are. I believe this period will be remembered as a time when the world came together, made sacrifices and celebrated the greater good. It’s inspiring to see videos from around the world of thousands of people joining together as one to celebrate brave healthcare workers.

As we watch communities grow stronger, I also see our company’s culture growing even stronger. Every day I see examples of our team members leaning on and caring for each other, putting the needs of others first and embracing the spirit of “yes we can.”

At HPE, we recognize that living our purpose to advance the way people live and work is essential not just in how we respond to the coronavirus, but in how we recover from it – and help our customers do the same.  Technology has never been as important as it is now to help the world weather and emerge from global business disruption, which is happening on a scale and at a pace never seen before. We see a tremendous need and opportunity to help organizations rebuild business models, create new experiences and connect differently.  In this new world, business continuity depends on solutions that advance IT resiliency, provide supply chain transparency, empower remote workforces, extend connectivity, reinvigorate customer engagement and help organizations retool their business models.  We have a unique ability to help with these needs, and we take that responsibility seriously.

In the meantime, as we focus on our own COVID-19 recovery, we have set up a special team, working in tandem with our Crisis Management Team, focused on the rebound.  One of this team’s first initiatives has been to map out our approach to “return to work” when it is safe to do so. Our work from home guidance will not be lifted just because government orders are removed; we will only re-open sites when we feel we are in the best position to welcome back team members safely.  We will modify our sites to ensure physical distancing can be maintained, and we won’t all return at once.  Most importantly, returning to the office will be voluntary. Our team members’ health and wellbeing remains our number one priority so want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, safe and supported.

As we begin to engage in COVID-19 recovery efforts, we continue to be proud of how we’re helping customers, partners and communities respond to the crisis, and I wanted to share a few recent examples:

  • Following the recent announcement of a $2 billion financial relief program offered by HPE Financial Services to help customers weather COVID-19, today I am pleased to announce further dedicated relief initiatives for our partners to support them with business continuity.

  • HPE has signed the Open COVID Pledge, granting free access to all of our patented technologies for the purpose of diagnosing, preventing, containing and treating COVID-19.

  • Hewlett Packard Labs has developed an AI-based search tool that can sort through more than 30,000 medical research papers focused on COVID-19. The tool is designed to provide medical experts with insights on topics like COVID-19 risk factors, transmission, evolution of the virus, vaccines and medical care.

  • HPE Aruba is working to ensure children with limited connectivity at home have access to online distance learning resources. One example of this effort is a partnership with the San Antonio Spurs and AT&T, where the Spurs’ stadium parking lot has been transformed into a free drive-in WiFi hotspot.

  • HPE Gives, our team member giving and volunteering program, recently reached more than one million volunteering hours since the program launched in 2016. We continue to see our team members volunteer despite these challenging times, including a group in Houston who spent the Easter weekend making face shields for healthcare workers using 3D printers.

If moments like these reveal our true colors, then this crisis has shown humanity at its finest. Today is Earth Day, and I am proud that we are supporting Purdue University’s research into the earth’s sound data to study indicators of global change. As we weather the current storm, today is a good day to reflect on the amazing planet that we inhabit and the need to find solutions for preserving biodiversity for future generations. Projects like this reinforce for me how authentically our team members live our values every single day. Just as we’ve embraced our purpose in the response to this crisis, it’s great to see our teams rallying together to help our customers no matter what.


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