Inspired Teams: A Force for Good



  • HPE is prioritizing the delivery of vital technology to customers in hospitals, medical clinics, and government entities
  • HPE is delivering powerful, high-performing VDI solutions that deliver a positive experience for remote workers, keep networks secure, and conserve capital

Leaders making bold moves to be a force for good in a crisis

It is often said that leaders are born in a crisis. As the world navigates the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing leaders inside and outside HPE step up in powerful ways to help their communities, customers, partners and fellow employees.

Inside HPE, we are taking action to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees. By protecting the health and safety of our team members, they are better prepared to serve their communities, partners, and customers.

I always say inspired teams deliver outstanding outcomes. We have seen individuals and teams across the company step up in tremendous ways to help. This includes prioritizing the delivery of vital technology to our customers operating at the point of care in hospitals and medical clinics, and to government entities serving their populations. Our supply chain team is working around the clock to get products to these customers as fast as possible. In one case, the team was prepared to deliver all 250 servers by helicopter to a key government customer in Germany, who needed them to provide urgent services to their citizens. Ultimately, our supply chain team overcame the hurdles to get the product shipped to the customer in time, but it was amazing to see the team ready to literally fly to the rescue if needed!

I’ve always been passionate about the impact technology can make on society. That’s why I became an electronic engineer 30 years ago. Technology has helped advance our world from finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, to helping stop human trafficking, and amidst the crisis we’re in today, technology can help deliver new products to advance the way people live and work.

As I’ve spoken with customers the last few weeks, we’re hearing loud and clear the urgent need for a complete package of solutions that can support their rapidly growing remote workforces. This includes powerful, high-performing VDI solutions that deliver a productive, positive experience for remote workers, and immediate access to these systems through financing and flexible as-a-service models that preserve liquidity.

The team at HPE moved quickly to pull together a series of initiatives, announced today, that meet these needs. HPE is providing a range of VDI solutions, advisory services, financing, and as-a-Service offerings to enable customers to rapidly design and tailor their VDI rollouts to meet users’ needs, keep their network secure, and conserve capital.

Another example of continued execution is at the edge, where 5G will play a key role in enabling remote workers and mobile experiences as individuals and businesses adapt to the new normal of social distancing.

Some of the biggest impediments to 5G rollouts are multi-vendor complexity and proprietary stacks in large-scale geographically distributed infrastructure deployments. HPE is helping telco and service providers overcome these challenges with a new open source program that promises to simplify and accelerate the rollout of 5G technology. Announced on Tuesday, March 31st, the Open Distributed Infrastructure Management program is being launched with several industry leaders, including Intel and Tech Mahindra, and provides open, vendor-neutral software to manage IT infrastructure deployments. This program will be available on the Linux Foundation later this quarter.

HPE has a long history of working with customers and partners to deliver innovative compute platforms that address their evolving performance, scale, and workload needs. The new VDI solution s and software to simplify 5G rollouts are two recent examples. Innovations like these and our commitment to deliver solutions tuned to market demands and trends, are why customers and partners consistently choose HPE as their compute platform of choice.

I am honored to work with a diverse set of leaders, who are making bold moves and being a force for good, two core beliefs in our company culture. While it is difficult to see the hardships the global pandemic is placing on people, families, and the economy worldwide, it is also inspiring to see how leaders respond in a crisis. HPE leaders will continue to press forward to help advance the way people live and work, now more than ever.

To learn more about HPE’s VDI solutions, financing, and as-a-Service offerings to support remote work forces and preserve capital, please visit the following blog: HPE is Here to Help: Business Continuity in Our New Normal.


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