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  • Comport Consulting is an HPE Platinum Partner with a longstanding HPE relationship. Comport is a true IT lifecycle and cloud services partner with a 30+ year track record in enterprise computing solutions.

For marketing data and analytics company Alliant Data Solutions, Comport selected HPE Synergy to process its large amounts of data in a fraction of the time

Comport Consulting, HPE and Alliant Data Solutions

The Story: Alliant is a marketing data and analytics company that helps its customers leverage data to create multi-channel audiences and actionable marketing insights. As direct-to-consumer marketing continues to grow, Alliant has also grown and onboarded more customers who have massive amounts of data to mine and manage. In recent years, Alliant has grown from delivering hundreds of audiences for its customers to thousands. With such large amounts of data to process and draw insights from, Alliant reached the limit on its current technology footprint and needed to quickly expand.

The Solution: 
Comport recommended HPE Synergy to process Alliant’s large amounts of data - fast. HPE Synergy communicates between different components of the application across the backplane of the HPE Synergy frame, eliminating the need to go through the top rack and core networks. This drastically reduces latency and optimizes performance. In addition, Alliant integrated HPE 3PAR into HPE Synergy for full orchestration of the storage, compute and networking resources.

The Impact: 
Alliant’s enhanced performance and processing power allows the company to delight its customers with fast turnaround, almost cutting SLA’s in half and delivering ahead of the marketers’ demand. The company was able to expand into new vertical markets that were previously not available. The lives of employees are changing as well. With networking built-in and setup only taking a few days, employees manage the system with ease. 

  • “We're one of the early adopters of HPE Synergy, and we found that when we combined it with 3PAR for data management it really performed well and exceeded our expectations.”

    Bill Adam, SVP, Database Development & Technology, Alliant Data Solutions

Q&A with Jim Ishkanian, Account Executive, Comport Consulting

How does partnering with HPE help drive innovative solutions to take to market?

HPE is our most strategic partner, with about 80-90 percent of Comport’s business being HPE-focused. Although we work with different partners as well, HPE offerings are all-encompassing and one of the world-class engineering organizations globally. HPE listens to our feedback and recommendations; we ultimately work together as a unit to deliver on customer needs.

How does HPE help you win business and grow?

Our partnership with HPE is critical for the success of Comport as a company. We work very closely with many different HPE teams: account, management, executive and technical. Our executives also sit on several HPE Advisory Boards. HPE’s portfolio is large, which allows Comport to build solutions for customers’ varied needs.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

As we listen to our customers to understand their business and requirements, we look to see how we can match the cutting-edge technology HPE is developing with their needs. We strive to bring the latest and greatest solutions that HPE offers to our market and provide as much value as possible to our customers.

  • “Through our long-standing relationship with Comport we offer customers more agility, compute and performance from edge to core to cloud, always designed with Comport’s care and consideration for real business goals.”

    Paul Hunter, Global Channel Chief, HPE