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  • Atea and HPE teamed up to design the best storage solution to help provide performance and stability for Kartverket’s mapping technology

Atea, HPE and Kartverket, The Norwegian Mapping Authority

The Story: Kartverket is an organization spearheading the efforts to digitally map Norway. Every week their databases are updated with thousands of new objects including changed roads, rivers and new cabins, which are all saved on 1200 servers hosting around 10PB of data. Kartverket has taken on the largest land survey in Norwegian history, where all parts of the country are laser-scanned and placed into a new digital map. Due to the volume of fresh data from the merges of municipalities and new land boarders in this project, Kartverket required a significant increase in their data storage capacity.

The Solution: Through the ongoing successful relationship with Atea and HPE, Kartverket consolidated several legacy systems in anticipation for the expected workload growth. Atea and HPE designed and delivered HPE 3PAR 8440 storage systems with Installation and Support Services. 

The Impact: Together, Atea storage specialists and HPE solution sales teams designed the best storage solution for Kartverket that leveraged innovative storage technology to deliver the performance and stability required to power this mapping technology. In addition, Kartverket implemented HPE 3PAR to support storage for positioning services, digital map creation, land registry processes and property information.

Further strengthening the technology based on Adoptive Optimization, the storage capacity was increased by 1.1PB x 2. As a result of the increased availability of the additional storage capacity, Kartverket was able to work quicker and run through processes faster. Through the consolidation of their existing storage systems, they have also seen vast improvements like simplified management, reduced footprints, and better Adaptive Optimization. 

  • “Atea and HPE successfully designed and delivered a solution that is ensuring we are working efficiently and able to process the data required to take on the largest Norwegian land survey.”

    Olav Petter Aarrestad, CIO, Kartverket

Q&A with Chris Ashby, Director for Strategic Partners at Atea, Norway

How does working with HPE compare to working with other technology vendors?

HPE and Atea have been consistently working in tandem to solve customer’s needs. The cornerstone of our business concept is our independent position in comparison to manufacturers and other suppliers. Since the beginning, we’ve only recommended specific solutions that deliver strong benefits for individual customers and have taken complete responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of customers’ IT infrastructure function seamlessly. HPE is a highly important partner of Atea and has provided us with resources like partner programs, tools and trainings that makes it easy for us to sell HPE solutions to our customers.

How does partnering with HPE help drive innovative solutions to take to market?

HPE is known in the industry as a company driven by innovation. As a result of our partnership with them, we’ve been exposed to innovative solutions that have allowed us to drive to the market faster. Through this strategic relationship, Atea is the first Norway –based partner to deliver HPE 3PAR and HPE Synergy. Equipped with HPE’s first-class IT infrastructure, our customers can simplify and automate their IT environments, so our customers can instead focus on their own business values.  By working harmoniously throughout all levels of business, we are set to win key customers and grow even further. Together, we are focusing on competency, ease-of-business, and are constantly committing to training Atea resources in selling and delivering HPE solutions to our customers.

How do the partner programs, trainings and executive support help you succeed?

As a partner, we leverage HPE expertise to facilitate trainings and provide support in order to further develop the competency needed to successfully sell and deliver their solutions. The HPE partner program helps us to navigate through issues relating to funding for dedicated resources and customer activities, and also delivers what’s needed to develop and invest in competency and innovative value-added solutions.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

Atea specializes in IT infrastructure and delivers products and services that simplify the handling, operation and development of our customers’ IT environments. We think it is essential to be deeply integrated with our customers and as a proof point, we have 24 local offices across Norway, employing around 1740 people. We have 900 of our staff members serving as consultants, who are helping customers throughout the country to effectively unveil the full potential of IT. In addition, Atea’s comprehensive range of IT infrastructure-related products and services allow us to help customers throughout the entire process: from design, development and product supply through to function and maintenance. To add more value, we also relieve the pressures associated with time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks related to product management and infrastructure, so our customers can focus on creating value in their businesses.

  • “Through our partnership with Atea, Kartverket is able to leverage our technology to achieve something absolutely remarkable by digitally-mapping the entire country of Norway By powering this initiative, we’re all able to innovate in ways that weren’t previously possible.”

    Paul Hunter, Worldwide Head of Partner Sales, HPE


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