Hewlett Packard Enterprise aces the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index



  • HPE has received a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for the 17th time
  • The CEI is the gold-standard in measuring LGBTQ+ inclusion among U.S. companies
  • Michael Lopez, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, shares his own personal coming out story and how HPE is leading by example and moving the needle on equality in the workplace

Company achieves 100% score for LGBTQ+ inclusion

I’m proud that for the 17th time, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has received a 100% ranking on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index- the gold standard in measuring LGBTQ+ inclusion among U.S. companies.

As a gay man, I can attest to how much it means to work for a company that is inclusive and supportive of individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

I remember vividly the feeling I had as a young man when I told my family and friends that I was gay. I knew I was risking changing my relationship with my family, friends and my church. Starting out as a young adult is scary enough, but the idea of living without the support of the people and institutions you grew up with makes it even scarier.

For a lot of people, this experience is even more complicated. In just over half of U.S. states, and in many countries around the world, it is legal to fire an employee because of their sexual orientation. Luckily, I’ve worked for great corporate citizens like HPE where, regardless of the law, I didn’t have to make a choice between who I am and my career. But, not everyone is so lucky.

That’s why the Corporate Equality Index is so important. The political process is often slow, but companies like HPE are making a stand for equity and fairness. In so doing, we’re leading by example and showing policymakers and the public that not only is inclusivity on the right side of history, it helps businesses thrive. We’re moving the needle in this conversation.

And it’s not just the LGBTQ+ community. HPE is a leader in Silicon Valley in being a welcoming and inclusive employer for all minority and marginalized communities. For example, we were also named to the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for 2020, in recognition of HPE’s efforts to promote gender equity in the workplace- especially in the historically male-dominated tech industry.

This is core to HPE’s DNA and culture, dating back to Bill and Dave’s garage. HP was one of the first companies to sponsor employee resource groups for LGBTQ+ and African American team members and, today, HPE has one of the most diverse boards of directors in the industry. As Antonio, our CEO who is of Latin heritage often says, you can’t truly innovate when everyone around you looks and thinks the same.

And when we innovate, we create value for our customers and investors, set our team members up for success, and support HPE’s purpose to advance the way we live and work. Inclusion is good for us, good for business, and good for the world.

Today when I think back to that nervous young man choosing whether or not to live his life honestly and openly, I wish I could let him know that it’s not always easy, but there are people and companies like HPE who are committed to making sure that he is accepted and has opportunity in the world.

Congratulations, HPE. Let’s continue being a global force for good, together.