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  • Champions of Change is an Australian-based business that has risen above the ranks to help leaders and businesses with their technology needs. This business is focused on disrupting the norms of what traditional IT companies provide. With its key services and consulting practices, its clients are able to focus on productivity, streamline processes and solve key infrastructure impediments.  

With HPE GreenLake, Specsavers roll out new customer experiences with the ability to scale up and down without an upfront technology investment

Champions of Change, HPE and Specsavers

The Story: 
Specsavers is undergoing a significant transformation in the way their customers interact with them.  In turn, their IT organization has to transform to deliver the flexibility, security, and performance that keeps customers coming back. But making it all happen on aging, on-premises infrastructure was becoming an obstacle. Specsavers knew it needed to move beyond traditional IT, but couldn’t migrate all its workloads immediately to the public cloud.

The Solution: 
Champions of Change helped Specsavers to focus on which business outcomes they wanted to achieve and their vision for a CAPEX to OPEX model. With the introduction of HPE GreenLake, Specsavers has the ability to scale up and down without an upfront technology investment with the flexibility to use their legacy stacks while they decide what to move into the cloud and what to keep on-prem.

The Impact: 
Specsavers has broken the cycle of infrastructure procurement, ownership, and upgrade. HPE GreenLake allows them to avoid committing capital for another five-year spend while they figure out what the future looks like.  If their business changes, they can easily expand their private cloud so they can actually get the benefit of a hybrid cloud in a consumption model. As Specsavers continues to roll out new customer experiences, it can scale to meet demand without regard to hardware needs.  

  • The HPE GreenLake model aligns with our transformation strategy, and it allows us to improve the performance of many of our applications while never being restricted by compute requirements

    Julian McAll, Head of Technical Services, Architecture and Solution Design, Specsavers APAC

Q&A with Xara Tran, CEO & Chairman, Champions of Change

How does working with HPE compare to working with other technology vendors?

Working with HPE has been a win-win for both us and our clients. We purposely chose HPE because they are the most reliable and consistent vendor. By choosing to align with HPE, I’m guaranteed to have timely and professional experts to represent my clients, and their wide breadth of experience can help us tackle anything.

How does HPE help you win business and grow?

HPE has allowed me to view my relationship with technology vendors in a whole new light. It’s simply not a transaction anymore – they make Champions of Change feel like we’re an extended arm of the company. With their support, we’re able to have more transparent and educational transactions with our clients. I’ve been able to rely on our partnership with HPE to help catapult our success. They’ve played an integral role in allowing me to focus on driving business outcomes and opening different types of conversations with our clients.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

Instead of being regular partners that sell “one-deal” solutions, offers like HPE GreenLake allow us to have ongoing conversations with the clients we work with and play important roles in their digital transformation journey. We’re not just average channel resellers, but we’ve become fully integrated technology experts. 

  • Working in tandem with Champions of Change meant Specsavers IT expectations were not only fulfilled, but also exceeded. This successful relationship allowed Specsavers to remain agile and never sacrifice innovation

    Paul Hunter, Global Channel Chief, HPE


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