The Element Podcast: Hybrid Cloud Trends You Need to Know



  • While the location of data and workloads is already shaping the industry’s hybrid existence, the future beholds even greater promises of  increased efficiency, simplicity and ability to gather insights from data in real time

  • In this episode, guests share their best guesses for what the future holds

  • This episode’s guests include Phil Davis, Robert Christiansen, Paul Glaser, Jeremiah K. Owyang, Jessica Groopman and Sally Eaves

In our final episode of the season, we speculate on the future of hybrid and the technologies driving tomorrow

Already making dramatic inroads serving companies around the globe, hybrid cloud has an even brighter and more impactful future.

While the location of data and workloads is rapidly shaping the industry’s hybrid existence,  the years ahead hold even greater promises for the technology’s highly-desirable benefits: increased efficiency and simplicity, and the ability to gather real-time insights from data at the edge.

Today, companies are beginning to leverage the advantages of big/fast data and other breakthroughs to harness and use data at the point of origin. Tomorrow holds even greater promise, as digital twins, augmented analytics, empowered edge and new consumption models emerge.

Across IT, HPE is spearheading an increase in new technologies being integrated into hybrid cloud, from distributed architectures and computing to AI and ML.

In episode five of our series – The Element Podcast presented by Hewlett Packard Enterprise – a group of HPE executives and industry experts offer their opinions on the types of technological advancements for hybrid cloud that will further propel companies’ digital transformations.

Here’s a highlight from their discussion: “Looking ahead, … blockchain technology in combination with AI is going to be incredibly powerful. Blockchain is a way to embed trust back into the system. If we can do that and then use AI and machine learning to mine that data, we can do incredible things … I think (it) is going to pay big dividends for both business and society.” – Sally Eaves

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Phil Davis
 is the President of Hybrid IT and Chief Sales Officer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Robert Christiansen
is VP, Chief Cloud Strategist, for Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Paul Glaser is Vice President and Head of Hewlett-Packard Pathfinder, HPE’s venture investment and solutions program.

Jessica Groopman is Industry Analyst & Founding Partner at Kaleido Insights.

Sally Eaves is CEO of Sustainable Asset Exchange.

Jeremiah K. Owyang is an Industry Analyst and Founding Partner of Kaleido Insights.


Maribel Lopez
is a technology industry analyst, as well as a founder and strategic advisor at Lopez Research. 


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