The Element Podcast: Hybrid Cloud: Industries that Benefit



  • Different industries are in different stages of their hybrid cloud journey

  • In this episode, we explore the ones that are greatly benefiting from a dash of hybrid cloud and find out which are exceeding expectations

  • This episode’s guests include Phil Davis, Bob Laliberte, Daniel Newman, Drew Lentz, Jeremiah K. Owyang, Sally Eaves and Tim Crawford

In our fourth episode, we explore the industries that are thriving in an increasingly hybrid world

A recent survey conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group revealed that about 20 percent of companies consider themselves mature on the path to digital transformation. And most of these early adopters are embracing hybrid cloud and as a Service solutions.

Why? Because it enables them to accelerate the pace of transformation, so that they can more quickly support the new people, processes and technologies that are driving innovation.

For a variety of reasons, manufacturing, financial services and retail are among the most aggressive in using hybrid cloud.

From scalability to cost savings, speed to market and operational efficiencies, companies urgently need to harness their data and extract insights from it, in real- or near-real time. Will the 20 percent of the survey respondents who have yet to weave hybrid cloud into their IT ecosystem be left behind?

In Episode four of our series – The Element Podcast presented by Hewlett Packard Enterprise – our panel of HPE executives and industry analysts examine the dynamic impact of hybrid cloud and new consumption models on several industries; and the ramifications any laggards may face as their industries become disrupted.

A highlight from the podcast: “HPE plays in almost every single industry out there, and we are seeing more pressure in driving value from the data. The speed of business and digital transformation is accelerating and most companies these days are becoming fundamentally technology companies. These trends are common across all industries, and we need to continue to simplify and make the experience more consistent, we need to make it more affordable, and make it more agile to deliver this type of business outcomes” – Phil Davis

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Robert Christiansen is VP, Chief Cloud Strategist, for Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Scott Yow is Vice President and General Manager for HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud Software at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Daniel Newman is Principal Analyst at Futurum Research.

Tim Crawford is a CIO and Strategic Advisor at AVOA, a strategic advisory firm to CIOs on data center and cloud computing issues.

Bob Laliberte is Senior Analyst & Practice Director at Enterprise Strategy Group.

Sally Eaves is CEO of Sustainable Asset Exchange.

Drew Lentz is a Solutions Architect for Frontera Consulting.

Jeremiah K. Owyang is an Industry Analyst and Founding Partner of Kaleido Insights.


Maribel Lopez is a technology industry analyst, as well as a founder and strategic advisor at Lopez Research. 


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