The Element Podcast: Cloud Architecture: A Guide to Thrive



  • While the shift to hybrid cloud presents opportunities for how businesses access and utilize their data, there are still hurdles preventing companies from fully embracing hybrid cloud

  • In this episode, we’ll explore how standardization and security are necessary to enable data to be more accessible and more normalized across IT environments

  • This episode’s guests include Robert Christiansen, Scott Yow, Daniel Newman, Jo Petersen, Anurag Agrawal, Dana Gardner and Tim Crawford.

In our third episode, we delve into what’s standing in the way of a fully hybrid future

Some companies are tentative about fully committing to hybrid cloud and other innovative technologies. And their reasons are understandable. Questions about a lack of common security and privacy standards, as well as governance, remain unanswered by some providers.

But the advantages of hybrid IT and innovative consumption models, like as a Service, clearly seem to outweigh the risks and uncertainties.

Nevertheless, standardization and security are necessary to enable data to be more accessible and normalized across IT environments.

And that’s because, undoubtedly, business continuity is the most important issue. If vendors can ensure workloads and applications are deployed in such a way that downtime is almost non-existent, companies are willingly embracing these new hybrid models.

In episode three of our series – The Element Podcast presented by Hewlett Packard Enterprise – five leading industry analysts and two HPE experts discuss trends in the as a Service marketplace and the steps HPE is taking to optimize hybrid cloud scenarios while mitigating the issues that could impact its adoption.

Here’s a highlight from their discussion: “Data centers have evolved over many, many years, and they're hybrid by nature. (HPE) has a tremendous amount of experience in that space. Understanding virtual machines, containers, different deployment models … what we bring with our consumption offer is the ability to deal with that complexity, simplify it and integrate it into a model where our clients can see that entire hybrid estate and (easily) manage it.” – Scott Yow

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Robert Christiansen
is VP, Chief Cloud Strategist, for Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Scott Yow is Vice President and General Manager for HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud Software at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Jo Peterson is VP, Cloud Services, at Clarify360. She partners with CIOs and CISOs to help them navigate their entire cloud and hybrid cloud footprints.

Daniel Newman is Principal Analyst at Futurum Research.

Anurag Agrawal is CEO & Analyst for Techaisle.

Tim Crawford is a CIO and Strategic Advisor at AVOA, a strategic advisory firm to CIOs on data center and cloud computing issues.

Dana Gardner is President and Principal Analyst for Interarbor Solutions.


Maribel Lopez is a technology industry analyst, as well as a founder and strategic advisor at Lopez Research. 


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