HPE and Pensando: Software-defined disruption, from edge to cloud



  • We live in a hyper-connected world where billions of people and trillions of things interact, generating unimaginable amounts of data
  • HPE is helping customers thrive in this environment—wherever their data is located
  • Today, HPE is taking the next big step in this journey with Pensando Systems, announcing an investment and solution partnership

Pioneering the new edge services model of enterprise and cloud computing

“… wherever data is located.”

That phrase may be the four most important words in today’s press release, in which our partner -- Pensando Systems – announced it has emerged from stealth and unveiled a first-of-its-kind distributed computing platform that will power software-defined cloud, compute, networking, storage and security services.

This disruptive technology has the potential to further accelerate the digital transformation journey for enterprises, given its innovative impact on IT performance, automation and security. That is why HPE is delighted to be making a strategic investment in Pensando.

But our involvement goes well beyond financial; we are also aggressively integrating their technology into HPE solutions.  And I am proud to further solidify HPE’s relationship with Pensando and to contribute to Pensando’s success by accepting an invitation to join its board of directors.

By becoming the first solutions providers to deliver software-defined compute, networking, storage and security services to where data is generated, HPE and Pensando will enable our customers to dramatically accelerate the analysis and time-to-insight of their data in in a way that is completely air-gapped from the core system.

These are critically-important requirements in our hyper-connected, edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven world – where billions of people and trillions of things interact.

This convergence is generating unimaginable amounts of data from which enterprises seek to unearth industry-shaping insights. And as emerging technologies like edge computing, AI and 5G become even more mainstream, enterprises have an ever-growing need to harness the power of that data. But moving data from its point of generation to a central data center for processing presents major challenges -- from substantial delays in analysis to security, governance and compliance risks.

That’s where Pensando and HPE are making an industry-defining difference. By moving the traditionally data center-bound network, storage and security services to the server processing the data, we will eliminate the need for round-trip data transfer to centralized network and security appliances – and at a lower cost, with more efficiency and higher performance.

That will help produce jaw-dropping results for enterprise IT, such as:

  • Lower latency to competitive solutions, as operations will be carried at a 100Gbps network line rate speed;
  • Controller management framework to scale across thousands of nodes with a federation of controllers allowing scale to 1M+ endpoints; and
  • Security, governance and compliance policies that are consistently applied at the edge.

“Imagine what this can do for our enterprise customers.” In the distributed world of edge-to-cloud, optimizing systems with zero-trust security has long been the goal. And now that pie-in-the-sky dream is a reality, with Pensando and HPE joining forces to bring both intelligence and security to this data.

Undoubtedly, the unique Pensando capability really hits the mark. They are very much in line with the HPE corporate strategy, and that is why this relationship is so important. As we continue to build out our integrated solutions, “we will equip our customers to act faster than ever on a continuous stream of data” that grows richer every day.

Pensando is a transformative solution that we are thrilled to be advancing. And that means our customers will have the opportunity to achieve a new speed of business with faster time-to insight, time-to-action and time-to-market.

Wherever their data is located …

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