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  • Located in the San Jose HQ, the Innovation Showcase is an immersive, hands-on area where visitors can see the innovations and areas of future research led by Hewlett Packard Labs
  • The exhibits inside of the Showcase reflect the wide breadth of our innovation, and several focus on Memory-Driven Computing, the most significant advancement driven by Labs in the past decade

CTO Mark Potter offers a peek into the groundbreaking innovations our R&D team is undertaking

Innovation is in our DNA. It’s something that’s driven this company since Bill and Dave first started tinkering in that garage all those years ago. Jump forward to 2019 and the results of our innovation are still changing lives for the better. From working with DZNE to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, to investing in the education of our youth, we’ve always believed that technology can be a catalyst for enormous good in our world. But to go where we want to – to bring about this good – we have to redefine what it means to be an innovator, which is exactly what we’re doing at Hewlett Packard Labs and with our partners. The new Innovation Showcase is a chance for our team to offer a peek inside of our R&D team, share some of our groundbreaking innovations and areas of future research.

The Innovation Showcase is part of the new HQ in San Jose. It features the same cutting-edge design, comfort and connectivity as the rest of the complex, but it also offers a different type of experience. It’s an immersive, hands-on area designed to be both interactive and personal. Visitors can really connect with the Innovation Showcase, allowing them to experience our technology as a living platform. Even more importantly, the Innovation Showcase was built to embody the fun, collaborative and exciting nature of our labs, which visitors can feel for themselves.


There’s always something new to learn or experiment with at the Innovation Showcase. The platform is flexible and evolves with our stories, offering new experiences as new innovations emerge. The Showcase is also customized for the visitor, so we can create individually tailored ways of interacting with the exhibits. Those stories start from the perspective of the challenges we foresee for industry and society, then demonstrate how HPE is inventing entirely new technology solutions to solve these future challenges.

The exhibits inside of the Showcase reflect the wide breadth of our innovation, and several focus on Memory-Driven Computing, the most significant advancement driven by Labs in the past decade. Through that research program, we built The Machine prototype, the biggest single-memory computer ever built. We proved Memory-Driven Computing works, and all of our future roadmaps are now based on it because we believe that massive shared memory is critical to major advancements, from genomics to cybersecurity to financial modelling.


A few highlights of the stories we have on display in the Showcase include:


  • DZNE Canvas Wall - an immersive experience showing how DZNE is using HPE’s Memory-Driven Computing to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

  • Smart Factory Exhibit - a demonstration of how manufacturing lines are using video analytics and artificial intelligence at the edge to optimize results.

  • Photonics Showcase -  Photonics, which uses light instead of copper wire to transmit data within computer systems, is a critical component to Memory-Driven Computing. It allows us to more efficiently communicate massive amounts of data faster using less power and space solving problems that are considered impossible today.

  • Cybersecurity Exhibit - As the world becomes more digitized and connected, the need for cybersecurity will only increase. Our security experts build security into every layer of the stack. The exhibit tells the story of our expertise, which has led to partnerships with the FBI and Europol.

The entire experience is a must-see, I could never choose a favorite. Reach out to our team if you’re in San Jose and would like a tour of the Innovation Showcase.

We’re constantly on a journey of innovation and discovery, come see what we can do in the Innovation Showcase, and check out some of our biggest announcements from Discover


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