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  • VM2020 Solutions is an industry leader in easy-to-deploy software simulation platforms that develop and demonstrate an organization’s ability to respond to business continuity and cyber risks. VM2020 Solutions is a member of the HPE Partner Ready for Technology Partner program and a recipient of the 2018 “HPE Momentum Technology Partner of the Year” Award.

The Bone and Joint Center simplifies their IT with HPE SimpliVity and VM2020 CyberVR™ cybersecurity solutions

VM2020 Solutions, HPE and The Bone & Joint Center

The Story: The Bone & Joint Center has been delivering medical care since 1963.  The IT team has always been careful about the integrity and safety of their patient's data. They had been looking for solutions that would let them accelerate and test cyber vulnerability remediation, help them recover quickly from severe incidents, and preserve evidence required to collect cyber insurance.

The Solution: HPE and VM2020 Solutions partnered to combine HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure with VM2020's CyberVRTMadvanced cyber resilience simulation platform. The HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged solution dramatically simplified The Bone & Joint Center's IT by merging infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads into a single, integrated solution, while the combined technologies allowed the IT Team to create, instrument, and operate fully functional copies of production systems–sandboxes–in mere minutes, without the need for additional infrastructure.

The Impact: 
The combination of HPE SimpliVity and VM2020 CyberVRTM allowed The Bone & Joint Center to consolidate their IT equipment, run all their required workloads, manage the environment  through a single pane of glass, deliver evidence of protection and preparedness, and protect themselves against natural and man-made disasters, including cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing concerns for corporations today, and the ability to provide evidence of cyber resilience to company executives and customers is critical. With this integrated solution from HPE and VM2020–SimpliVity and CyberVRTM in tandem–the IT and Security teams can now identify and remediate vulnerabilities, apply patches, harden their environment, and plan upgrades without fear of unintended consequences.

  • “The alliance of HPE and VM2020 has created a really valuable tool chest for us to do our job. We are very happy with the way this is going. Our customers are happy, our patients are happy, our system works well. We enjoy our constant uptime.”

    Raymond DeCrescente, Chief Technical Officer, The Bone & Joint Center

Q&A with Bernardo Starosta, Chief Executive Officer, VM2020 Solutions

How does partnering with HPE help drive innovative solutions to take to market?

Technology Partners need advanced functionality to create and differentiate offerings that solve customer problems. HPE provides us with those technologies and seriously considers our suggestions when it comes to planning technology roadmaps.

How does HPE help you win business and grow?

The partnership with HPE has allowed us to reach some of the best customers in the world, and these customers are providing us with great ideas for us to continue developing our solutions and expanding the alliance with HPE.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

VM2020 takes a multi-disciplinary approach to solving hard problems and implements products that are easy to deploy and operate.  It is because of this ease of use and support that we at VM2020 have time to listen to our customers and anticipate their needs. It is a great source of pride when our customers become heroes in their own organizations.

  • “We are so happy of our work with HPE: it is a game changer for the industry. Our collaboration is transforming our clients’ businesses, they now are able to rely on evidence instead of hope when it comes to risk mitigation and risk preparedness for cyber resilience”

    Bernardo Starosta, Chief Executive Officer, VM2020 Solutions

CyberVRTM Enterprise Cyber Resilience Platform

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