Simplifying the Circular Economy for Channel Partners



  • HPE Financial Services is reaffirming its commitment to partners by expanding its Circular Economy solutions to channel partners, paired with new financial incentives.
  • Partners can also now take advantage of an enhanced digital experience with HPE Financial Services via HPE Technomics, for faster quotes, accelerated credit decisions, and real-time deal processing.
  • New and improved resources are now available for customers and partners

HPEFS expands circular economy solutions & enhances financial incentives and digital experiences to channel partners

There is no question about it: Channel partners are key to HPE Financial Services’ success. Their expertise providing specialized solutions and capabilities paired with our financial structures and asset management makes a powerful combination for our shared customers.

As technology and innovation expands, partners increasingly feel pressured to meet two distinct demands: the ability to provide fast, flexible technology solutions and a commitment to improving environmental impact. 69% of companies, large and small, have sustainability plans, but IT specific sustainability programs are fewer, and virtually all are focusing on power and cooling, versus the contribution that better hardware management can make.1

That’s why I am thrilled to announce several new options for our partner community:

Faster with HPE Technomics

HPE Technomics is a fully connected digital experience, that allows partners to engage with HPE Financial Services in every way imaginable, all seamlessly connected. This multi-year innovation investment includes a brand new mobile app and enhanced digital tools, offering a personalized experience anytime, anywhere, and integration in channel partner private platforms and portals.

Partner reps can process deals more efficiently and much faster. Account reconciliation and payments can be streamlined and the overall experience can be tailored to a partner’s individual requirements.

Let me make it a bit more concrete for you: The capabilities available across the interconnected platforms include instant online quote and pricing, real-time credit decisioning, mobile devices and proprietary system integration APIs, online billing statements, asset-level invoicing, standard and customizable reporting, and more.

It’s game changing.

In fact, this is what Ian Nethercot, our partner Probrand’s Supply Chain Director, had to say about their experience with HPE Technomics:

In our first week of going live with our new PSAT Lite platform and integrating with HPE Technomics’ API technology, we’ve had incredible early success. The simplicity has really focused our sales teams. At this rate, we will achieve a positive ROI within 2 weeks of implementing the technology and enjoyed higher margin on our transactional business

To me, there is no better measure of success than our partners’ or customers’ success. Bryan Belanger, Director, from market intelligence firm Technology Business Research emphasized “Digital platforms are now the preferred method for partners to manage their vendor finance relationship. Value is unlocked when key business workflows like credit decisioning and quoting can be executed digitally, regardless of device, and data can be integrated and shared between vendor, partner, and customer systems via APIs.”

Well, we are here today, and determined to continue improving our tools, capabilities and resources so that we can make the best partner experience possible.

Digital, hand in hand with Circular Economy

We’re also expanding our Circular Economy solutions to channel partners, paired with new financial incentives.

With the world grappling with more and more e-waste and an increasing desire to solve this ever-growing problem, the Circular Economy helps address this topic by keeping older technology in use longer. This doesn’t mean stopping innovation or costing more but rather managing aging technology to a different set of expectations and outcomes. This incredibly important topic is being embraced by both customers and partners alike.

To help our partners address their customers’ Circular Economy requirements, we’re expanding our solutions - HPE Asset Upcycling Services and HPE Certified Pre-owned - to channel partners.

With these two powerful solutions, partners can help their customers manage legacy assets in an environmentally, secure and globally consistent way, regardless of manufacturer. And they can do it with a trustworthy partner. Last year alone we processed over 4 million decommissioned assets, giving 89% a second life, and recycling the other 11%.

Added to this, we’re also offering channel partners new incentives aligned to these programs:

Up to 3% referral fee for qualified HPE Asset Upcycling Services opportunities over $50K, available to all HPE partners; and an additional incentive program for HPE Financial Services Platinum and Gold partners where they can earn up to 5% referral fee on qualified HPE Asset Upcycling Services deals, and up to 3% reward on HPE Certified Pre-owned Services sales.

Showing a commitment to the Circular Economy drives greater value to our partners’ engagements with their customers. It provides a point of differentiation and additional solutions to offer customers, furthering partners’ economic potential.

This is why we are also announcing additional enhancements to our Circular Economy efforts:

  • An online webinar series to help IT managers and leaders gain a deeper understanding of the Circular Economy, including foundation learnings, best practices and tips to start taking action.

  • A Technology Renewal Center tour program at our Erskine, Scotland and Andover, Massachusetts centers, for customers and partners to get a firsthand look into our operations.

  • Select Asset Upcycling Services and FMV Lease Return customers can also stay tuned for an enhanced Circular Economy Report, with improved categorization of components, which helps with social and environmental reporting.

Sustainability efforts aren’t just good business, they’re good for business.

I look forward to meeting partners at HPE Discover and discussing their challenges and opportunities, and how we can go further faster, fueled by HPE Technomics and our Circular Economy solutions.

Taking this digital and Circular Economy journey together is very inspiring indeed.



1 HPE Financial Services, The Circular Economy and IT Mindsets Study, September 2018

Access to HPE Technomics is subject to the execution of standard HPE Financial Services partner agreements.

Referral program is available in certain countries and is subject to approval and execution of standard HPE Financial Services partner documentation. Not all partners may qualify. Other restrictions and requirements may apply. HPE Financial Services reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time without notice.