Our partners, our heroes



  • Thirty years ago, HPE launched the HPE Partner Ready program to partners grow their business and differentiate
  • With the newly announced HPE “Pro” series, HPE provides partners access to the same collaboration, learning and growth opportunities as HPE teams

Our partners are helping customers advance the way people live and work

At HPE, we work with our partners to expand opportunities to grow profitably by driving our joint customers’ business evolution.

Our mission together is to win new customers, and delight existing ones.

It’s a simple concept, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to accomplish. Competitive landmines are everywhere, and the ongoing hybrid IT evolution means that customers and prospects have more questions than ever about the products and services that will get them across the digital transformation finish line.

It can be quite a saga. And the hero on that journey is our partner.

This was crystal clear to us over 30 years ago, when we first launched our HPE Partner Ready program. No other tech company has committed as much time and thought to helping partners grow their business and differentiate as we have - or offer higher rewards. And why wouldn’t we? Partner business fuels our success. 2018 HPE revenue with partners achieved 13 percent growth – double the growth rate of the company overall. That means our commitment to you as partners is paying off for us, and we’re doing all we can to give you the tools, resources and compensation to maintain your satisfaction with our relationship, too.

We continuously work to improve the strong trust and loyalty we have with partners because we value you as our strongest route to market, and an integral part of our team. With the newly announced HPE “Pro” series, we provide partners access to the same collaboration, learning and growth opportunities as HPE teams. By building a strong community of professionals, we take partner engagement to the next level, and help partners differentiate. It is by working together that we win.

Our constant assessment of this relationship has led us to transform once again, as we’re explaining in detail this week at the Global Partner Summit. To remain the market leader in the partner ecosystem, we have evolved to offer more that will supercharge our partners’ business across our entire portfolio.

Partners are at the forefront of our drive for software defined stories from edge to cloud. Antonio Neri has set out the strategy that will bring new and exciting innovations to the way we live and work, such as HPC capabilities through our acquisition of Cray which is closing later in the year, and market-changing services such as HPE GreenLake’s consumption model. Our partners are instrumental in delivering that strategy and bringing its benefits to the customer, enabling us to extend our capabilities and reach, so partners are afforded the same attention, recognition and support as our own sales force. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity for partners – designed and piloted with partners, for partners – offers an unparalleled 17% rebate committed up front plus recurring front end margin.

We have enhanced our industry-leading HPE Partner Ready program to up our commitment, and better enable and reward Partner Heroes through an even simpler, more profitable and more predictable program. I am excited to deliver the incredible stories of these superheroes by telling the role they play in customer transformations. Our Partner Heroes initiative will see HPE creating professional content for partners to help you show the world the amazing results we provide customers when we all work together. As part of our digital marketing strategy, we are committed to drive awareness and help create demand through the use of our global newsroom and social media to tell our partners’ stories. And we’re arming our local teams with these stories to share with local audiences, too.

And there’s more – all designed to give our partners the tools and confidence to win, a few of the most recent updates that are enabling our partners include:

  • Simplified and harmonized global pricing and deal registration processes

  • Alignment of HPE Partner Demo Program across all geographies with discounts that are more competitive.

  • A new program to accelerate channel partners in Intelligent Edge and IoT markets

  • A new mid-market offering for consumption based selling

  • Two new channel incentive programs to support Circular Economy engagements

  • An omni-channel experience, Technomics, bringing together the HPEFS partner portal, new mobile app and digital tools to provide a personalized experience, greater control and real-time insight

What does this mean for partners? Increased growth, profitability, innovation, and visibility – all the while delighting customers. Of course, the true driver of channel success is our innovation “engine” of products and services that gives us a competitive advantage vs. other vendors in storage, software-defined and consumption-based services.

It’s so rewarding to see partnerships coming together and producing a win, just like it did with Ultima. Our technical capability and referenceability coupled with Ultima’s understanding of the specific customer requirement through their established relationship, enabled us to offer Royal Berkshire NHS a solution that leveraged the best of both of our capabilities.

Similarly, we teamed up with American Digital to offer Schneider Trucking, a 3PAR customer, extended cloud data services through HPE GreenLake to provide a cost-effective way to expand their data retention capabilities in the data-intensive logistics industry.

And a third example is our work with partner Computer Concepts Ltd (CCL) that enabled New Zealand’s Canterbury District Health Board to move to a hybrid cloud environment — through HPE GreenLake — that has improved its medical services and ultimately patient care. It’s a perfect example of how we can work seamlessly with trusted partners to build a repeatable and flexible offering — that can grow your business (and ours).

We’ve always been partner ready, then we were partner proactive, now we’re championing partner heroes. Find out more about the Partner Heroes initiative, the heroes it’s celebrating, what they are achieving and the digital transformation they are driving on our new Partners content hub.