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JUNE 17, 2019 • BLOG


  • Ultima is an award-winning automation driven Intelligent IT Solutions provider with over 20 years’ experience. Ultima is a Gold Hybrid IT HPE partner, with successes spanning various sectors selling the HPE value portfolio.

To help improve reliablility and innovations speed, Royal Berkshire NHS Trust turned to Ultima and HPE Infosight

Ultima, HPE and Royal Berkshire NHS Trust

The Story:
Royal Berkshire NHS Trust, a hospital trust local to both Ultima and HPEs UK head office had unreliability, poor innovation speed which led to poor patient experience. The IT team had been asked to create a transformed experience for all that interacted with the Trust. In order to address this, Ultima were approached to create a solution to enable data to get to doctors’ hands quicker, helping patients recover faster.

The Solution:
The solution was HPE Nimble Storage, StoreOnce and StoreEver to create a flash primary array, with a disk to disk to tape backup strategy. HPE Synergy and Proliants were used in the primary and secondary environments with InfoSight playing a crucial role.

The impact:
Combining these HPE technologies has transformed the patient experience by enabling doctors to complete quickly and efficiently. Using InfoSight, the team have been able to spend minimal time supporting the platform, enabling them spend time innovating and assisting application owners.

The majority of core applications now run on HPE infrastructure. As such, they’ve been able to get important documents such as X-Rays to the relevant specialists, empowering them to make quicker decisions with regards to patients’ health treatments. It has meant that the Trusts’ end users, the patients, receive a better overall experience along with anyone else in the community that needs to urgently visit one of the hospitals.

Q&A with Gareth Meyer, Sales Operations Director at Ultima Business Solutions

How does partnering with HPE help drive innovative solutions to take to market?

Ultima have spent a lot of time leveraging and augmenting the automation capabilities that are within the HPE portfolio. The collaboration between our organisations has developed Ultima’s Autonomous Data Centre offering which transforms customers from a legacy manually managed and orchestrated platform to a self-managing and deploying hybrid environment.

How does HPE help you win business and grow?

With HPE’s close partnership, Ultima have been able to work across all levels within the HPE organisation, from executive sponsorship within key collaborative opportunities, to one to one peer relationships between account managers. Furthermore, the training and enablement that HPE offer Ultima allows both the technical and sales teams to go to market with the value-based propositions spanning the HPE portfolio.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

Ultima are not like your average reseller. We continue to invest in our platforms and people to provide a premium experience to our clients and prospects throughout their journey with us. Ultima are outcome driven as opposed to product focused, giving our customers better business value as we look to partner with them instead of selling point-products. We pride ourselves on fantastic customer service, and our long-standing clients are testament to that.

  • “The marriage of Ultima’s knowledge, insight of the customer and ownership of the relationship mixed with HPE’s expertise of technology and services has meant Royal Berkshire can drive insight from the data they collect whilst treating patients, enhance their experience and putting data in the right people’s hands. The power of InfoSight across both Nimble and Synergy means they can reap the benefits of an Autonomous Datacentre.” 

    Paul Hunter, Worldwide Channels and Alliances, HPE