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JUNE 17, 2019 • BLOG POST


  • IIS Technology is Partner Ready Platinum Partner with a strategic relationship in place for almost 30 years. IIS solves complex IT problems across a wide range of industries and business challenges, but no matter the challenge, our business thrives on doing the right thing for the customers and partners who place their trust in us.

For customers faced with unlimited choices when it comes to cloud solutions, IIS simplified the decision through the creation of a turnkey solution

The Story: The challenge today is that there seems to be unlimited choice when it comes cloud solutions. Whether it is the public or private cloud or options that feel like cloud, many options exist for migrating away from the traditional data center. The smart cloud solution is one that provides the on-demand elasticity of the public cloud plus the data privacy, compliance and customization of the private cloud – all behind the corporate firewall. This solution must also provide a rich set of APIs and services that provides developers all the capabilities of developing in the public cloud. This solution should not require you to invest in expensive tools from virtualization or storage vendors to deliver a real cloud experience.

The Solution:  
IIS recognized this conundrum and need in the market. IIS seized this opportunity and began to collaborate with HPE software partner, and charter member of HPE’s Cloud28+ marketplace, Ormuco (based in Quebec, but WW scope). This alliance led to the creation of a turnkey solution – The Intelligent Cloud. This solution is designed for the services-oriented economy, providing the agility, automation, manageability and orchestration needed for enterprises to easily migrate to cloud architecture.

The impact: The turnkey solution titled “The Intelligent Cloud” is a combination offerings through IIS. It is powered by HPE Synergy - which focuses on composable infrastructure and how it can be used for a variety of applications and workloads. Then Ormuco addresses how application workloads access resources across hybrid cloud deployments. While Ormuco on HPE Synergy can scale on-premise to as many nodes as any other OpenStack solution, Ormuco on HPE Synergy is also a compact bundle for edge deployments.

This allows customers to work with IIS in order to take advantage of the services-oriented economy, provide the agility, automation, manageability and orchestration needed to easily migrate to cloud architecture.

Q&A with Jeff Smith,  VP of Digital Transformation Technologies and Business Development

How does working with HPE compare to working with other technology vendors?
i.e. is it simpler, more predictable, more profitable…

Simply stated, working with HPE has provided IIS more opportunity for growth and profitability than other vendors. Alignment of our strategy with HPE’s vision and technology leadership has supported 25 year of success. We see a bright future through our continued strategic relationship with HPE.

How does the HPE portfolio and partner programs, trainings and executive support help you win business and grow?

As an HPE Platinum partner, our relationships with HPE executives, access to superior engineering talent and investment in the HPE Partner Ready Program as given IIS a unique, differentiated competitive advantage in this ever-changing market. HPE continues to listen to its partners, evolve its programs and innovate with programs like Cloud28+ and GreenLake allowing IIS the opportunity to continue to win business.

How do you go above and beyond for your customers?

As long as solutions are built on trust, partnership and communications, IT will always be a people business. IIS has built a people-centered culture that continues to drive and create a world-class customer experience and provide world class technology and solutions.


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