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JUNE 17, 2019 • BLOG POST


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When faced with an aging and increasingly unreliable IT architecture, Canterbury District Health Board turned to CCL

CCL, HPE and Canterbury District Health Board

The Story:
Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) faced issues with an aging and increasingly unreliable IT architecture. It was too labor-intensive and time-consuming to provision new servers (8 hours per server) and Christchurch hospital was concerned about its ability to meet its compliance standards. Disaster Recovery was another issue. Christchurch hospital was concerned that its IT landscape was not as robust as it should be to withstand a regional outage, but the cost of standing up a new DR facility was $2m. HPE suggested the HPE Pointnext Services Cloud Cloud Advisory Group (formerly CTP) as a resource to solve its infrastructure and DR challenges. CDHB heavily leverages Computer Concepts Limited (CCL), as its data center hosting and IAAS provider, so CTP also partnered with CCL to deliver its cloud consulting services. CCL was critical in helping articulate and validate the business value of a hybrid cloud strategy to Canterbury. As part of this agreement, CCL is upgrading its data center to HPE Synergy under a GreenLake Multi-Cloud management services solution.

The Solution: 
CDHB has leveraged a range of HPE capabilities including an Aruba WiFi network for its hospitals, HPE ProLiants and 3PAR storage to support its hospital operations, and HPE Pointnext to provide IT support. The solution included managed services platform hosted by partner CCL, running on HPE hardware including Synergy, Aruba WiFi, HPE Pointnext Services consulting and a HPE GreenLake deal between HPE and CCL.

The impact:
More effective, efficient, reliable IT will support CDHD as it continues to drive improvements in patient care and patient experience. They are leveraging cloud automation to create the agility necessary to deliver better outcomes for their patients. The cost-effectiveness of hybrid cloud strategy helps protect capital that CDHB needs to fund services and facilities, including its new Acute Care facility. The improved DR capabilities help ensure patient information is protected and risk to delivery of healthcare services will be minimized - a critical priority in this seismically-active region.